Last summer, Israeli airbrush wizard Avi Ram’s body painting artisattempt dazzled viewers of the Video Game Show Networks" “Skin Wars,” earning him a second place end up and a lot even more. Due to the fact that the display aired, Ram has remained in demand for demonstrations and also appearances, teaching at beauty colleges and winning the finest makeup artist title on the fact competition “Global Beauty Masters" on TLC.

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One June 22, he’ll show up as a mentor on the spinoff competition “Skin Wars: Fresh Repaint,” in which artists from other disciplines try their hand at body painting. He uncovered it fun and a lot much less stressful than completing. “To be on the various other side as a mentor was exceptional. I love to teach,” Ram tells From The Grapevine. He has taught airbrush methods for the last seven years, but currently gets invited to show body paint everywhere the U.S., including current gigs in Dallas and also Los Angeles. “So many kind of world want to work-related via me,” he marvels. “For me, it’s a life-changer.”

Avi Ram teaches bodypainting workshops. Above, among his masterpieces. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

The Florida-based artist has been busy traveling to conventions for everything from haunted residences to beauty conventions in conjunction through the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry in Ft. Lauderdale, wright here he does live demonstrations. He’s hardly ever at the shop he leases in a Ft. Lauderdale flea market anyeven more, and also plans to phase it out. He also paints murals for elementary schools, and also although he plans to go to the World Bodypainting Festival in Vienna in July 2017, he has opted not to do smaller sized competitions to alleviate his stress level and also make better usage of his time. “Tright here are other means to inspire civilization,” Ram states.

Ram"s work-related is favor an optical illusion, as it"s difficult to spot the painted humale in this photo. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

A priority for him now is a gallery to showcase his art, especially the eye-fooling camouflages in which painted bodies disshow up right into a scene. He’ll screen photographs of the scenes and also carry out live demonstrations at the venue. He’s gathering the functions for his first exhilittle bit later on this year.

Ram discussed on “Skin Wars” that he hadn’t watched his family members in Israel in 5 years, but fans elevated the money for his trip on a crowd-resources website. But best of all, an Israeli beauty college contacted him about returning to teach body painting. He plans to carry out that this year and while there, create camouflage art pieces in spots anywhere the Mediterranean nation.

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"To carry it tright here," he claims, "would be terrific.”

Ram"s skin paints are so meticulous, they almost blfinish ideal into the background. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

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