ARLINGTON ( – 6 Flags over Texas in Arlington already has park rides based upon DC Comics heroeslike Superman,Batman and Aquaman. They likewise have some rides featuring villains prefer Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze and also The Riddler. Yet perhaps the biggest villain of castle all has been strangely absent — until now.

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Get prepared for a thrill journey centered around Batman’s many iconic nemesis, The Joker. And much choose the comic publication character himself, this one promises to it is in absolutely insane.


(credit: six Flags over Texas)

The park announced Thursday that The Joker journey will open up inthe feather of 2017. That is being called a “free-fly coaster,” whichmeans the riders space ableto spin and flip around, front andbackward, regardless of i beg your pardon direction the coaster is in reality moving. And also it does move in just around every direction.

The attraction begins with a 90-degree elevator-style lift, 12 stories right into the air, prior to rolling over hills and snaking roughly to the start. The experience lasts around one chaotic minute. The unpredictable nature of the flips ensures a distinctive ride everytime because that each person.

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(credit: six Flags end Texas)

Riders also traverse lot of the track moving backwards, never able to see when the next flip could be coming.

The coaster’s car each organize eight people and feature wing-style seating. This positions civilization to the political parties of the track, v no obstructions over or below. This gives riders the room to spin and a lovely check out of the park about them at all times. And, together the riders flip roughly at leastsix times, they might even come face-to-face through each other.

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“They will have nothing but their feet dangling and their eight free, the skies up above and the floor below,” defined Sharon Parker, a spokeswoman for the park. “The track will not obstruct their view.”


(credit: six Flags end Texas)

“The unpredictability and also gravity-defying somersaults on this award-winning, spinningvertical coaster is the perfect additionto our currently impressive coaster lineup,” included park president Steve Martindale.

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The Joker will certainly be the 13th roller coaster at six Flags over Texas and, as expected, will certainly be situated in the Gotham City section of the park. “We space excited to proceed our partnership with the DC brand, since it resonates well through our guests,” continued Martindale.“Plus, The Joker is undeniably among the greatest super-villains of every time.”