The sisters insurance claim they were kicked turn off a trip after exchanging "curt" words v a flight attendant.

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— -- two Florida sisters who say they were gotten rid of from an Allegiant Air flight recently after they exchanged words through a flight attendant room blaming the airline and the employee because that denying castle a final urbanbreathnyc.comodbye for their dying father.

On Monday, Trisha Baker and also Debbie Hartman to speak they to be on their way from Orlando, Florida, to Asheville, north Carolina, to check out their dad in hospice care. Baker stated she was seated in the middle of the airplane and Hartman toward the back.

As the airplane waited on the tarmac -- Baker claimed it was experiencing GPS obstacles that required several minutes to be fixed -- she received a message from her brothers saying that her father was not expected to live v the night.

Baker claimed she go not understand whether Hartman had actually received the exact same text therefore she checked out the back of the airplane and sat across the aisle from she sister in a row of empty seats.

"I leaned end to my sister -- I had actually my chair belt top top -- and I placed an arm on her leg and I sort of softly told her the Dad wasn"t supposed to live through the night or that this would certainly be his last night," Baker said.

When Hartman began crying "hysterically," Baker stated she got to over. That"s as soon as she claims a flight attendant sit behind the pair told her to remain in she seat.

"I said, "I to be in mine seat and also I have actually my chair belt on,"" Baker said. "And ns said, "I"m trying to console my sister. Us just found out mine dad"s dying.""

Baker stated the trip attendant replied: "You have to keep your personal problems off this plane."

Although Baker said she to be "curt" v the trip attendant, she claimed she did no curse, yell or threaten her. According to one Orlando Sanford international Airport Police report derived by alphabet News, the trip attendant claimed Hartman “became verbal and also made a hand gesture with her middle finger in the air .”

Baker stated she go tell the flight attendant that she to be being "very rude."

" "We just found out my dad"s dying and also you"re not showing any kind of compassion,"" Baker said. "And she said, "I"m doing mine job," and also I said, "Well probably you"re in the wrong job.""

After the comment, Baker said, the trip attendant dubbed the plane"s captain. The aircraft returned come the gate and Baker and Hartman to speak they to be ordered off. Your father passed away Tuesday. The 2 sisters said he go not desire a funeral.

A passenger that witnessed the alleged occurrence said, "It was completely inhumane and also deplorable the everybody was in shock at what actually happened on the plane by the trip attendants."

The sisters said they do the efforts to obtain a flight Tuesday yet were can not to reach anyone in ~ Allegiant. They"re likewise waiting for your luggage to be brought earlier from Asheville.

Baker claimed the trip attendant have to be fired.

"I don"t recognize why it happened at all. Over there will never be justice served. I"ll never gain to to speak urbanbreathnyc.comodbye to mine Dad, and he and also I were very, very, very close. ... But there"s no reason for this, no justification," Hartman said.

Allegiant claimed in a statement that it was investigating the alleged incident.

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"We count on ours crew members to administer and oversee a safe atmosphere for every passenger, top top every flight. We mean that authority to be exercised both judiciously and also consistently, through empathy and with urbanbreathnyc.comod judgment. We take this client feedback seriously and are in the process of conducting an investigation into what occurred," the airline said.