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Ha hee heeWhy Mix-A-Lot noodle picker friend freak skinnin' the catsWhy don't you carry the beat on in here, noodle picker so i can get downHa hee heePut that upThat's the way I favor it there Mix-A-LotHa hee heeHey Mix-A-Lot, picks me up noodle pickerPicks me increase Mix-A-LotNow everybody's rapping 'boutEverybody's rapping 'boutEver-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-everNow everybody's rapping 'bout welfare linesI'm gonna bust me a brand brand-new rhymeGirls bending down and you begin to freakShake her hips and also act conceitedThrow your head high in the airGrab your partner's derriereFellas in the crowd, I know you should be trippingMy boy's protect against them there home girls flippingNow grab her partner, take a bowIf friend can't dance, I'll tell you howWave her hands and take 2 stepsGrab your hips and slide to the leftGet all in her partner's faceSwerve to the side and show her laceIf her a freak climate let that showAnd seize your companion dosey-doe(Doe, doe, doe-doe-doe-doe-doe, doe-doe-doe-doe-doe, doe-doe-doe)
Now if you think her partner's fineGrab her where the sun don't shineIf you can't dance, climate tap her toesIf her stuck up, turn up her noseWave her hands from side to sideLean come the left and take a slideOther's DJs recognize their no matchJust look come the stage as I start to scratch(*scratching*)Rock me babeRock me babeRock me babeRock me babeFreaks on the left and also freaks on the rightGrab her partner, organize him tightPut her hands in his Levi'sHold his behind while the grips your thighsThe an ext you dance, the more I rapThe big fat beat renders your toe tapGlen Campbell can't hang through thisAll girlfriend freaks give your guy a kiss(Look good)
My beats are icky in the square dance rapMy beats are icky in the square run rapMy beats space icky in the square run rapMy beats are icky in the square run rapBeat boxOh Mix-A-Lot I'm emotion it now, cotton pickerYee-haw!Now everybody on the floor clap her handsStomp to the beat of the one male bandMix-A-Lot reigns top top the north machineThe bass line play is "oh, therefore mean"Mix-A-Lot do a jam in his roomWith a 4 track recorder you deserve to bust jams tooThrow your partner across your thighTickle her fancy, until she starts come cryWhip her to the left, whip her to the rightBut don't whip her to difficult 'cause her jeans space tight(Look good)Get your hands off that girl, boySeattle rocks(To the sq, to the sq, come the sq, come the Square dance Rap)L.A. Rocks(To the sq, to the sq, come the sq, come the sq, to the Square run Rap)Miami rocks(To the sq, come the sq, come the Square dance Rap)D.C. Rocks(To the sq, come the sq, come the Square dance Rap)Carolina rocks(To the sq, come the sq, to the Square run Rap)Houston, Texas rocks(To the sq, come the sq, come the Square dance Rap)Your momma rocks(To the, to, to, come the Square run Rap)London, England rocks(To the sq, come the sq, to the Square dance Rap)To the Square run Rap, warm damn

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Hey Mix-A-Lot, what in the people is that noise noodle picker?Sound choose the grand Ole Opry, ha hee heeHear what i say Mix-A-Lot, to speak sound favor Grand Ole Opry noodle pickerNow before we finish this filthy cut, we gained a couple of things we need to sayTo the residence girls sprung ~ above the hum north beat, examine out teacher Mix-A-Lot's wayHis style is fresh, for this reason clean and new, he pulls so numerous tricksIf you provide him ten bucks and also a brand brand-new tape, he'll placed you in the mixAh haha, hey Mix-A-Lot I captured you that time, noodle pickerMy beats space icky ... (*drums play till fade*)