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Brody Steele native Orland Indianai always found song of battle to be quite inspiringEd from MassachusettsThere is a version of this track I cannot uncover that includes missing versus that I"ve heard on Pandora. I have been a Johnny Horton fan due to the fact that the late 1960s.Carl C native Philadelphia, PaJohnny Cash exit Don’t take it Your weapons To town in 1958. Hear to it and compare come Sink The Bismarck. However for the text they sound practically the sameRobert from West ChesterWasn"t over there a German version of this song, additionally sung by Johnny Horton ?Jennifur sunlight from RamonaLOVE the drummer top top this tune. My so late dad love this song, and always think the him once i hear it.Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn might 27th 1941, the brother Navy and Air pressure sunk the German battleship Bismarck in the north Atlantic; 2,086 German seafarers perished, only 114 survived...Exactly nineteen years after that May 27th, 1960 Johnny Horton"s "Sink the Bismarck" was at #15 ~ above Billboard"s warm Top 100 chart; one month and also two days previously on April 25th it had actually peaked in ~ #3 because that one week...See the following post.Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn May first 1960, Johnny Horton performed "Sink The Bismark" ~ above the CBS-TV routine "The Ed Sullivan Show"...Two months earlier on march 7th, 1960 it gone into Billboard"s hot Top 100 graph at position #69; and also on April 25th that peaked at #3 (for 1 week) and also spent 18 weeks on the peak 100... It got to #6 ~ above Billboard"s Hot nation Singles chart...The week that peaked in ~ #3 top top the optimal 100; the #1 document was "Stuck top top You" by Elvis and at #2 to be "Greenfields" by the brothers Four...Between 1959 and 1962 he had eight peak 100 hits; 3 made the height 10 and one got to #1, "The battle of brand-new Orleans", for 6 main in 1959...This figure on the "Sullivan" show came at some point after his 35th and final birthday; 6 months after that November 5th, 1960 he would die in an auto crash in Texas... May "The singing Fisherman" R.I.P.Tim from West Chester, PaThis track was spanned by The Blues Brothers, at Bob"s country bunker... But was reduced from the film before release. Fred from Laurel, Md"In may of 1941, the war had actually just begun," . . . The course, the war had currently been walk on for almost two years by then, other than here in the U.S., wherein it hadn"t however begun; although we *were* assisting the Brits with the Lend-Lease program, and also Nazi subs were patrolling our coast. Follow to the wikipedia page, that looks like the Bismarck"s mission to be to interdict Lend-Lease traffic. It lasted just about 9 month after commissioning before joining Davy Jones" fleet; one of the Allies" most heartening at an early stage victories . . Great show, Winston! . . Too bad, Adolf!Penpal indigenous Chambersburg, PaAbout The Bismarck: gift "Germany"s Most well known Battleship of civilization War II" , the Bismarck ( released in 1939 ) displaced end 50, 000 tons and also 40% of this displacement was armour.. She was qualified of 29 knots; and also carried a formidible selection of weaponry --- 8 x 15 inch guns, 12 x 5.9 customs guns, 16 x 4.1 customs AA guns, 16 x 20mm. AA guns, and 2 x Arado 96 plane ; and also had a crew that 2,200 men...The Bismarck was torpedoed 3 - time by the submarine, HMS Dorsetshire, and also sunk on might 27th 1941 at 10:40 am...Of the 2,200 men, over there were only 115 survivors ; with only two police officers out the 100 survived. See much more comments
My surname IsEminem

Eminem"s first hit was "My surname Is," which presented his change ego, Slim Shady.

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The security DanceMen there is no Hats

The males Without Hats command singer created "The security Dance" after getting kicked the end of a bar because that dancing as well aggressively. The track is literally around being safe to dance if you desire to.

You must Be DancingBee Gees

Stephens Stills play timbales top top the bee Gees hit, "You must Be Dancing." He remained in the following door studio laying under a Crosby, Stills and Nash album and could hear Saturday Night fever being recorded. Stills known its potential to be a monster hit and he want to contribute.

Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes)Carla thomas

Carla Thomas came to be the first woman to achieve a optimal 10 hit on the warm 100 through a tune she wrote herself as soon as "Gee Whiz (Look in ~ His Eyes)" got to the chart"s height tier in 1961. Thomas was just 16-years-old when she penned it.

The fight Hymn that the RepublicTraditional

John Steinbeck"s novel The Grapes that Wrath got its location from a heat in "The battle Hymn the the Republic": "He is trampling the end the vintage where the grapes of wrath room stored."

i Melt with YouModern English

"I"ll Melt through You" by modern English is around a pair who melt together due to the fact that a atom bomb drops.

Curt Kirkwood the Meat PuppetsSongwriter Interviews

The (Meat)puppetmaster takes us v songs like "Lake the Fire" and also "Backwater," and talks about performing v Kurt cobain on MTV Unplugged.

Kim Thayil the SoundgardenSongwriter Interviews

Their frontman (Chris Cornell) began out together their drummer, therefore Soundgarden take away a linear technique when it pertains to songwriting. Kim describes how they execute it.

Dexys (Kevin Rowland and also Jim Paterson)Songwriter Interviews

"Come ~ above Eileen" was a colossal "80s hit, but the tape - far more appreciated in their indigenous UK than stateside - released simply three albums before their split. Now, Dexys is back.

Daryl HallSongwriter Interviews

Daryl Hall"s TV display is a hit, and he"s been inducted right into the Rock and also Roll room of call - only among these advances excites him.

right into The an excellent Wide Open: Made-up MusiciansSong creating

Eddie (played through Johnny Depp in the video) uncovered fame fleeting, yet Chuck Berry"s made-up musician fared better.

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chris Frantz - "Genius that Love"They"re playing My song

Chris and also his mam Tina were the rhythm section for talking Heads as soon as they formed The Tom Tom Club. "Genius the Love" was their blockbuster, however David Byrne only stated it once.