Simone Biles verified there’s yes, really not much she can’t execute after certification in Jake Miller’s brand-new music video clip for his single “Overnight” and taking a stand against some average online trolls.

Simone Biles has actually the Best solution to Vogue’s Question about Her and Zac Efron’s Celebrity pair Name

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The gold medalist, who was a component of the last Five U.S. Gymnastics team at the Olympics in Rio this previous summer, appears as Miller’s love interest in the video. Many of she fans seriously loved seeing her in a new light, yet not everyone was supportive.

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In the video, Biles mirrors off a little bit of her athletic ability by dancing v Miller. The pair’s chemistry is palpable.

However, through her success came part truly hateful comments around her appearance and also actions in the video. Part commenters hated on her profession as a gymnast, stating that simply being a gymnast to be the factor why she acquired to it is in in Miller’s video. Others commented on her age and also sensual behavior. Many carried up the color of Biles’ skin.

When bullies began leaving racialism slurs and an adverse comments on the music video, the gymnast, 19, required to Twitter come express she thoughts on the topic.

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“everyone forgets the I have feelings also,” she created in a tweet October 20.

Biles’ dedicated fans were quick to have actually her back, and offered her sweet indigenous of encouragement. “You’re the best and forget the trolls the end there who are negative. Keep going – you space amazing and inspiring!” one pan tweeted to she on October 21. Many of her supporters offered to hit the bullies for her, and even more shared how they were influenced by the music video. 

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