The 1911 is among the most iconic tools of every time. With this fame, it was pretty organic that lock were at some point shrunk down to be made right into a carry weapon. However, if you’ve done any kind of research into this, you’ll view how challenging it have the right to be to do this decision.

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In this article, we will certainly talk around two the the premier options, the Sig P938 and also the Kimber Micro 9. We will testimonial both of lock in terms of pros and also cons, and then we will certainly make some buying recommendations for you.

Let’s get into talking about the weapons.


Sig P938Kimber Micro 9

Sig P938

The P938 is a 1911-inspired solitary stack weapon that is obtainable in .22LR and 9mm. There are a couple different execution available, every one of which space micro-compact in size and also utilize an outside hammer with a solitary action just trigger.

Some of the versions have actually a classic two-tone look through a metal slide and also wood grips, when others room all black. Yes a pair flat dark earth versions, among which has actually a threaded barrel because that a suppressor.

Our favorite variation for concealed bring is the BRG, i m sorry is every black and also has rubber grips for included texture. While that is a little more difficult to shoot, the grips carry out a lot for raising your grip. If you’re after ~ a cool feather gun, yes sir a rose gold version, an American flag version, and a variation with metal textured stars ~ above the grip.

Essentially, you have the right to pick your usage for the weapon, and also pick out a version that will complement it. Like we said, the BRG for surprise carry.


However, us do have some buying referrals for you.

Like we said, the P938 has a ignorance safety and the Kimber has one, too. We have heard this suggested both ways, so we will comment on both facets for you.

On the one hand, a thumb safety and security is another safety feature that can prevent girlfriend from accidentally shooting you yourself or shooting the weapon as soon as you don’t typical to. In a high anxiety situation, there is no a thumb safety and also while do the efforts to attract a weapon native a holster, you can imagine just how some people inadvertently shoot themselves.

On the various other hand, the thumb safety is one much more thing that you have actually to concern about. If she in a dangerous situation and also your adrenaline is pumping, yes sir a chance you could forget come flick off that ignorance safety. That might be a very bad instance for you.

While the choice is as much as you, we personally prefer no thumb safety. To alleviate the dangers we discussed, we recommended running through dry runs at home, and practicing drawing from your holster in ~ the range. It will produce muscle memory for you.

Other than that one feature, the 2 weapons are an extremely similar.

Generally speaking, we would certainly recommend the Kimber. The cause is smoother, and it is much less expensive. The is equally reliable, has comparable sights and also grips, and the difference in size is pretty much negligible in ours opinion.

However, if size is your major concern, the P938 is a tiny smaller. Similarly, if you desire the thumb safety, the P938 is the one for you.

Lastly, if looks room your primary concern, the P938 is more than likely for you as well. There space some various versions accessible that offer some extremely distinct looks.


As we’ve said, both of this micro 1911s are excellent weapons. We would feel more than comfortable transferring either of these weapons, particularly in the summertime, when people are wearing much less clothing. These are both terrific pocket weapons for this warm time the year.

There is very little that differentiates the 2 weapons. The primary differences come in size.

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Hopefully this overview has been advantageous to you, and also has helped you decide between a Sig P938 vs a Kimber Micro 9.