have actually you heard about live video? it’s huge! yes sir Facebook, Twitch, Periscope, YouNow, YouTube, UStream, Livestream — a galaxy of livestreaming apps that permit you to interact with her fans immediately, in genuine time, through an audiovisual interface.

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Fascinating. The future, truly, is now. I have just one request: put shoe top top head.

Believe that or not, live video existed prior to smartphones. It was not very popular, yet it had actually its proponents. In high school, I sometimes congregated on Stickam, a group video-chat service, through friends ns met on a video-game forum (in in between the time I invested dating my numerous girlfriends and winning number of championships in sports, and so on). That’s wherein I first heard the inquiry to put my footwear on opposing of my feet.

“Put shoes on head” is specifically what it sound like. Once you room in the comments section of a livestream, asking the human being on camera to placed their shoes on your head.

It started on YTMND, one almost-defunct mid-’00s website that hosted looping, user-created pairings of image and also sound. Outside of the site, customers would hang the end on Ventrilo, a VoIP regime that plenty of PC gamers wanted for gamings like Quake.

According YTMND’s community-run wiki:

ome Ventrilo customers (which had several 4chan members) determined to raid LiveJasmin, a porn website based around live and private webcam reflects using Macromedia Flash. This raids consisted of flooding performers’ rooms with YTMND users and also harassing them utilizing the built-in chat box listed for each performer. The first milestone was acquiring a demonstrate to choose up she keyboard and also show it on display screen (which several later on did). This “Put X on Y” format of harassment eventually turned come “Put shoe On Head” (the blunt and also fragmented sentence seemed to have actually a stronger effect).

The first user to properly get a target to put shoe on head, and then make a YTMND the end of it, to be FlyingLaserJesus, in June the 2006. His tradition lives on in ~ shoehead.ytmnd.com.

The goofy request shortly spread throughout the burgeoning live-video spectrum. It ended up being popular top top UStream, one of the biggest livestreaming solutions at the time. Not much record that the trend exists, yet a find for “shoeonhead” on Flickr bring up a few dozen outcomes (according to a blog article from 2008, the URL Shoe-On-Head.com at once redirected to the Flickr page).

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My proposal is that us bring earlier “Put shoe on head.” Livestreaming is a world of infinite possibilities. The doesn’t have to just it is in Q&As and cooking demos and also video-game play-throughs. In fact, the success of the most popular internet stars deserve to be deadline to your unflagging gameness once it pertains to viewer and fan requests.

We have actually the strength to treat livestreamers prefer our puppets, for this reason let’s usage our powers because that something no good, no evil, however flat-out stupid. The following time you obtain a notification that “X has gone live!” head right into the comments section and do your part. Tell them come “put shoe on head.”