You’ve been seeing the everywhere—scribbles in notebooks, mutterings to yourself together you autumn asleep: “She to be fearless, and also crazier than him. She was his queen, and God aid anyone who disrespected his queen.” It’s unforgettable. However who is she? that is he? 

Why is this a meme? 

As New York Magazine’s select All reported last week, the “she was his queen” meme began with Jared Leto’s Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in the so-bad-it’s-good movie Suicide Squad.

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understand Your Meme

The yes, really line, ceded by the agent who assembled the self-destruction Squad, is, “They became the King and Queen the Gotham City, and God assist anyone that disrespected the Queen. She to be crazier than him, and more fearless.” 

The quote make its means into a slew that cheesy Joker/Harley pan art on Tumblr and Instagram, however it to be so ridiculous the it soon took ~ above a life of its own. The bad line was stripped of its original context, shed the “Gotham City” bit, and also began a new life together a an excellent meme.

You can use the “she to be his queen” meme to any couple of human being or things, particularly if they’re OMG totally twisted, like the Leto Joker. A the majority of the entries room Photoshopped, and also many of the king-and-queen pairs space same-sex. You can put environment-friendly Joker hair on one of them, or not. It’s whatever. In general, this is a clever style with a lot of room for creativity.

She was fearless and also crazier than him she to be his queen and also God aid anyone who dared come disrespect his queen

— keeg (
keegsocial) November 19, 2016

she to be fearless and also crazier 보다 himshe to be his queen, and also god aid anybody the dared come disrespect his queen

— tom (
tom_harlock) December 26, 2016

she to be fearless and crazier 보다 him. She to be his queen, and also god aid anyone who dared to disrespect his queen.

— pete gohan creator that raid shadow legends (

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sexualjumanji) December 7, 2016

She to be fearless and also crazier than him. She to be his queen, and god assist anyone that dared come disrespect his queen.

— not pinkett smith (
fatherlyjada) December 8, 2016

It have the right to be a semi-sincere explanation of love, a noble burn, or a sarcastic joke, depending on the context. Short article yourself and also your king or queen. Article someone obnoxious v someone else who is additionally obnoxious (Trump/Kanye 2020). Just post … Minions, or something. It’s truly all-purpose.

The meme additionally overlaps nicely with “wow queen you’re therefore beautiful,” a piece of poor fan arts of Max Goof and also Roxanne in A Goofy Movie, as various internet comedians have actually noted: 

“His queen” gained most that its virality through the strength of fandom, but it’s sticking about because it’s such a good, universally applicable template. You might pick any type of two images, slap that maudlin phrase on top, and also have a decently funny joke. Intend this meme come stay warm through the early part of 2017, and expect it come become an ext abstract as human being start to forget Suicide squad ever existed.