No wrestler defines the native ‘workhorse’ better than AJ Styles. The Phenomenal One is just one of the most hard-working, creative, innovative and also flat-out great wrestlers in the world.

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His human body of work rivals several of the most iconic wrestlers in background like Ric Flair, Harley Race and also Hiroshi Tanahashi. However, the one wrestler that he is often compared to is the teen Kid, Shawn Michaels.

AJ styles vs Shawn Michaels is the many eagerly guess dream match

AJ formats vs Shawn Michaels is a dream match that will never take place. Michaels wrestled his last WWE match at Crown Jewel 2018 which tarnished his original retirement match against the Undertaker. Michaels and also Taker tried to recapture the magic of WrestleMania 26 but dropped pathetically short of the goal.

AJ Styles, ~ above the other hand, dragged a perfect complement out the the Undertaker at WrestleMania 36. Maintaining in mind that Taker was two years older 보다 what he was at Crown Jewel 2018, Styles and Undertaker’s Boneyard match will go down as a WrestleMania classic.

Anyways, your matches against Undertaker aren’t what identify which wrestler is better. Styles and also HBK have actually wrestled some of the most scintillating matches, the likes of i beg your pardon we can never view again. It is understandable why the comparisons between the 2 are often made.

Which Superstar is far better than the other?

Shawn Michaels was WWE’s poster young in the late 90s. Till he experienced an unfortunate earlier injury, and also his problems with drugs and alcohol, Michaels to be the ideal wrestler in the world.

The man managed to make a an easy Superkick look choose the greatest finisher of every time. Only the biggest are able to accomplish something of that magnitude.

AJ layouts belonged come the next generation of skilled wrestlers. Earning his stripes on the elevation scene, Styles came to be the most dependable wrestler top top the planet.

He might drag a four-star complement out that a broomstick. His incredible performances are a highlight of TNA’s glory days. Along with Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels, the wrestled TNA’s very first five star rated enhance in 2005.

HBK, however, has wrestled two 5-star classics versus The Undertaker and also Razor Ramon. In terms of championships, formats has won titles in TNA, Ring that Honor, NJPW and WWE.

Michaels wrestled solely for WWE, wherein he was a four-time people Champion. Michaels has won the royal Rumble twice, while layouts has failure to victory the G1 climax on 2 occasions.

AJ styles is great, however HBK is legendary

Styles’ accomplishments and accolades outweigh HBK’s by a mile. However, Styles’ legacy in expert wrestling is i do not have anything close come HBK’s. And that, ladies and also gentlemen, is what makes Shawn Michaels the remarkable wrestler among the two.

No disrespect to styles though, as he is still structure his legacy in WWE and also on Monday Night Raw. The curtains can not use been drawn on AJ Styles’ career, and there is surely much more to come native the Phenomenal One.

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