After 30 year in the agree wrestling business, kris Jericho remains one of the finest in-ring workers. The not just makes the enhance entertaining but additionally helps his adversaries to ‘look good’ in the ring.

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With his patience and also reputation, Jericho has actually remained a priceless co-worker come many. However, there was one time when also the ‘Le Champion’ shed his cool. The culprit was none other than Shane McMahon.

It was Survivor series 2016, kris Jericho and Kevin Owens were the co-captains the Team RAW because that the timeless 5-on-5 brand vs brand elimination match. McMahon to be a component of the SmackDown team which to be the eventual winner.

Jericho recollected the storage of the complement on the Barstool Sports’ from the top Rope podcast. For part reason, Shane struggle Jericho in the face twice and also back-to-back.

Jericho rolled under the ring and also kicks steps and flips a part of the comment table. But when the came earlier in again, Shane-O-Mac punched him in the face for the 3rd time.

Now Jericho had actually enough. He asked Shane to throw him in the edge and “watch the boot, clock the dropkick.” When Jericho is in the corner, that kicked Shane right in the face and dropped a “Jean-Claude valve Damme twin kick” native the second rope, and took down McMahon.

Now, McMahon was dazed and also confused. Then chris Jericho asked him to “calm the f*** down.” Eventually, Bray Wyatt choose the victory for SmackDown once he pinned roman Reigns.

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What is chris Jericho approximately these days?

Jericho is at this time one the the most decorated superstar in AEW. A few months ago, they also held a “Jericho-special” version of Dynamite to commemorate the Demo oh my god 30 year in the business.

On AEW, Jericho is offer the “Labours that Jericho” wherein he encounters one new opponent every main to have actually a match with MJF. So far Jericho has actually defeated, Shawn Spears in a Chairs match where he had to wrestle under regular singles complement rules.


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Jericho then beat Nick Gage in a No rules match, Juventud Guerrera, wherein Jericho had to fight a peak rope maneuver come win. Critical week he beat Wardlow and also got his match against MJF. But in the upcoming match, Jericho have the right to not use his Judas result finisher.

Are friend looking front to Jerichovs MJF? allow us understand in the comments below.


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