Former WWE civilization heavyweight champion Seth Rollins made his long-awaited go back to WWE programming top top Sunday night at the extreme Rules pay-per-view event.

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After roman inn Reigns beat AJ formats to retain his world heavyweight title, Rollins emerged and hit his previous Shield companion with a Pedigree, together WWE shared:

WWERollins is BACK, and he has one point on his mind: the #WWEChampionship! #ExtremeRules

WWE stars Mick Foley and Nikki Bella required to Twitter come proclaim your excitement for Rollins" return:


I kind of knew Rollins to be returning, but seeing it occur was quiet awesome. #ExtremeRules

In the middle of a 200-plus-day power with the human being title, Rollins experienced a terrible knee injury during a live occasion match against Kane in November. As very first reported through ESPN"s Jonathan Coachman, the tore his ACL, MCL and medial meniscus. That was intended to miss out on six to nine months of action.

Rollins was forced to vacate the WWE people Heavyweight Championship, and aside indigenous an figure on the Slammy Awards edition of Raw, he had been the end of vision ever due to the fact that landing top top the hurt list.


While The Architect"s knee ailment to be a far-ranging one that forced a an excellent deal the rehabilitation, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon said during a may 10 conference contact that he and some that the company"s other top injured stars were collection to return within a month, every PWInsider (via Marc Middleton the

Rollins had been spotted functioning out in ~ WWE"s Performance center in the mainly leading as much as that revelation, and John Cena made sure to give a shoutout come the former Shield member on Twitter because that his perseverance:

John Cena

I have done my best to return to
WWE as quick as i can, however I hope human being understand just how amazing
WWERollins recovery is #Respect #GG

Now the Rollins is ago in the fold, it totally changes the video game within WWE. He was the No. 1 guy as people champion front to obtaining injured, which way he will likely be put into the main event scene immediately.

With the way Extreme Rules finished with Reigns, it appears this is the route WWE will certainly take.

Rollins might be used in any variety of ways native a personality perspective. He to be a heel prior to the injury and played that role well, however the WWE world was thrilled to watch him back, and also there is no doubt the he might be a top challenge as well.

WWE has blurred the lines between faces and also heels lately, an especially in the feud in between Reigns and also Styles, therefore the possibilities are endless for Rollins.

The former Money in the bank winner is among the top in-ring workers in the world, and he has actually made incredible strides on the mic and also in regards to character development in current years.

There are few more finish talents 보다 Rollins in all of professional wrestling, i beg your pardon is why his return is such a coup for WWE.

The key roster is brimming through talent, yet Rollins is in ~ or near the top of the list, and also his presence gives the product an prompt shot in the arm at perfect time.

For an ext wrestling talk, hear to Ring Rust Radio for every one of the warm topics or catch the recent episode in the player listed below (some language NSFW).

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