Serena finishes Pliskova through an ace (0:53)Serena Williams defeats Karolina Pliskova in directly sets (6-4, 6-3) and also ends the match with one ace, advancing to the semifinals. (0:53)

NEW YORK -- If you haven"t to be paying attention for some time, the women"s semifinals in ~ the united state Open could seem favor it"s Serena Williams" come lose. After ~ all, among the various other semifinalists, only Madison secrets has been in even one cool Slam final.

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But this US open up represents new and quiet uncharted are for Williams, and also nobody -- the very least of all Serena -- will say she"s ago until ... She"s back. Definition until she wins another significant title.

Here"s how the semis ridge up:

No. 17 Serena Williams versus No. 19 Anastasija Sevastova (first meeting)

Sevastova look at to it is in in deep problem from the get-go, due to the fact that she has actually never felt the weight of Williams" shots or the unrelenting push her aggressive play applies. Sevastova is a well player, but she could find herself under a collection and 3-0 prior to she also knows what happened.

Serena Williams is one success away indigenous making her second consecutive grand Slam final.Robert Deutsch/USA this day SportsWilliams desires this location so bad she deserve to probably taste the silver polishing on the trophy. To success her record-tying 24th cool Slam singles title as a new mother will include a transcendent chapter to her currently glowing biography. She knows she let go a good opportunity at Wimbledon. Together Williams said after her quarterfinal success here: "I still understand that no matter whether I"m in the semifinals or the finals, I have a yes, really long method to walk to win that. Again, that proved to be true at Wimbledon. I"m just taking it one at a time. Literally."

That Williams is being so careful is more bad news because that Sevastova. Williams is leaving nothing to chance. The statistics display she"s backing up she prudence v power. Williams leads the tournament v 60 aces, practically twice as numerous as her nearest rival, Keys. Williams has won 78 percent of she first-serve points, contrasted to Sevastova"s 68 percent.

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Sevastova has actually never to be ranked higher than No. 15. This is her deepest operation at a cool Slam. However the 28-year-old Latvian, who left the pro tour because that 16 months finishing in January 2015 through recurring illness and injury, is 15-3 in current matches.

A flexible right-hander who makes regular use of slice, Sevastova will most likely shot to take speed away indigenous Williams. Sevastova will employ her wonderful drop shoot to adjust the pace as well as in an effort to move Williams roughly the court. The strategy paid off against Sloane Stephens, however the defending champion to be off her video game amid one afternoon of an ext oppressive heat and also humidity.

It guarantees to be much cooler Thursday evening, and also it"s i can not qualify Williams will be the end of sorts v an epochal success so close at hand. A game plan built ~ above counter-punching and also finesse is always vulnerable to a player prefer Williams. She will step in and also powder the ball, pushing Sevastova ago and making it tough for she to carry her finesse into play.

Prediction: Williams is focused and also sharp. It"s tough to imagine Sevastova getting an ext than two gamings per set.

No. 14 Madison secrets vs. No. 20 Naomi Osaka (Keys leader series, 2-0)

Osaka beats Tsurenko in right sets to reach US open semisNaomi Osaka advances to the US open semifinals v a straight-sets victory over Lesia Tsurenko.

Both of these women have actually undergone a painful discovering experience lock hope never ever to repeat top top Ashe. The one Naomi sustained was inflicted by Keys right here in 2016, as soon as the American came roaring earlier from a 5-1 deficit in the third collection of their third-round clash to beat then-18-year-old Osaka. Critical year, that was secrets who froze up in the final against Stephens in the competition final. Secrets was right able to hit a sphere in the court.

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All that appears to it is in behind lock now. They"ve both play commanding tennis native the baseline this year, relying on comparable tools. Osaka placed it best after her quarterfinal win: "Sometimes ns go crazy and then I start hitting everything. Other times, favor the enhance today, i will try to be more consistent. However I think she"s much more of a strength player 보다 I am. I would certainly say it"s a comparable style."

Prediction: Statistically and stylistically, there"s little to choose between the two. But this is Keys" 4th Grand Slam semifinal. She"ll win, however it will certainly be close.