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Modernism and also Avant-garde movementsThe rotate of the century brought brand-new winds the modernity. The aesthetic sensibility of the moment was significant by a different, freer mindset towards art and life.


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Self-portrait the Titian attract the gold Chain of Knighthood, vested by the Emperor Charles V. The portrait provided to belong to Rubens.

Titian has a pen in his right hand which describes his standing as a painter, for which he had been recognised countless times. The irradiate brings out the most crucial details the the composition on the black background and also with black color clothing. These details room the face, the hand and the chain. Because the figure is facing sideways, the highlights the emotion of volume and the expression top top his face.Titian was really concerned about his image and he painted number of self-portraits, two of which space preserved and the one in the Prado Museum is the later on one. In the portrait the is 73-75 years old.  

Details of the work

Origin Royal arsenal

Object painting

Dimensions 86 centimeter x 65 centimeter

Technique Oil on canvas

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