Secrets and also Lies Season 2 illustration 5 Review: The Daughter

Is it just me or walk this season feeling unnecessarily convoluted? Don\"t get me wrong, I reap Michael Ealy and also the season absolutely has part perks, especially contrasted to the ahead season, however there\"s just a lot going on. 

There room so countless plot point out crammed right into an illustration that it\"s daunting to store up with all of them, let alone make sense of what\"s an alleged to in reality be relevant.

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Every episode there\"s about three various reveals about Kate, yet nothing that offers us lot of a motive regarding why she to be killed. There\"s also this side storyline through Danny and his absent daughter that somehow is connected.

There\"s the entirety tension and also mixed feelings about Eric, the rest of the Warners, and also the matriarch that the family. Let\"s not forget the fact that Patrick is a shady drunk with a wife who no one in the family likes for everything reason.

There\"s a lot, and the she present has no qualms about tossing in more twists, turns, and new characters in ~ the fall of a hat. I might need my own murder board. 

therefore the only thing you weren\"t lied about, is the everyone lies.


So Danny is a cop. Fair enough. Yet he has also been working v Cornell. Due to the fact that somehow it\"s mutually advantageous for both of them to assist each various other out, but I\"m candid not complying with why the is. 

Danny is caught up on the truth that Neal hired Carly the call girl, and she had Rachel tagging along. I that his just lead? Neal and also Carly? Why is that so convinced that Neal will lead him to Rachel? 

He has even persuaded Eric the Neal is approximately no good, based upon the details Liam told them. Neal is super shady, therefore I get all that, but again, what the hell does any kind of of that have to do with Rachel? 

Danny has actually lost his ability to connect with Carly to watch what she knows around Rachel disappearing, due to the fact that apparently Carly\"s customer list includes fifty percent the police department, and also that perk way skipping away scott-free.

And apparently part of what\"s fueling Danny, the disgraced cop from brand-new York with a bench warrant for his arrest (because of course he has actually an arrest warrant), is the reality that he feels guilty around not recognizing the his daughter had been abused by his partner.

I don\"t know, guys. Ns guess we needed all of this due to the fact that the myriad of stuff bordering Kate, Eric, and the remainder of the Warners wasn\"t enough. Am i the just one who currently assumed that Danny\"s daughter is dead?

Yes, detective. Ns married a woman whom I understand nothing about.


Eric wasn\"t kidding as soon as he claimed he didn\"t recognize anything about his wife. I store hoping for something salacious and also awful to be revealed around Kate, however once again it to be \"meh\" in ~ best. 

So she had a mother that she hadn\"t seen due to the fact that she was 16, yet the money she took from Eric she invested on payment off her mother\"s mortgage. See? Nice, as soon as again. 

We also found the end that she slept through her mother\"s friend Jake once she was a teenager. No her best moment, and certainly to be vile because that Jake, especially due to the fact that he just barely missed a statutory rape situation. Age of consent was apparently 16. Quiet gross.

So her mother\"s boyfriend was the an enig baby\"s daddy. She went back home to visit Jake and also expressed interest in reconnecting through their son, Charlie. But Jake wasn\"t interested.

It doesn\"t sound favor Charlie\"s adoptive mother was interested either. Ns wonder if that will come into play again? ns wonder if she had anything to perform with Kate\"s death?

we really have actually too many secrets in this family, Amanda. Means too countless secrets. It has to stop.


There really room too numerous secrets in this family. Patrick proceeds to be shady together hell. Amanda doesn\"t in reality keep any of her family abreast to what\"s going on in she life at all, i don\"t also know what\"s going on with Mrs. Warner, and where the hell is Jack?

Patrick proceeds to make me suspicious. I\"m beginning to think of every one of his drinking is some kind of ruse. What is his interest in the Danny? He seemed obsessed!

There\"s additionally the whole relationship v his wife and also how nobody approves of it. And how does he store knowing and finding out things prior to anyone tells him? he did that double in this episode.

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Additional Notes:

It\"s always fun to check out Brendan Hines on mine screen.\"I\"m for this reason confused.\" Me too, Patrick. Me too, brother. I\"m really enjoying the truth that Cornell\"s remarkable is in reality riding her like Seabiscuit ~ above every little thing. I wonder what the time frame is between the seasons, because Cornell is supposed to have a partner, and she\"s been without one for a really lengthy time.Amanda was lastly on Cornell\"s radar because that a bit. Taking into factor to consider her marriage issues and also how secretive she is, perform you think Amanda yes, really loved Kate? Not simply as a sister, yet romantically? Kate has had this impact on many.

What did friend think of the episode? do you feel favor there space too plenty of plot points? What did girlfriend think around the Danny\"s story? has actually Patrick climbed further up on her list? perform you think Neal is gone for good?

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