We have actually rotated ago to complimentary battle star week in Fortnite, the last one of the season, therefore you’re walk to desire to seize this one in main 9 together you gyeongju to complete out your battle pass prior to the season ends.

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This week’s loading screen when you beat every one of week 9’s difficulties shows Calamity and non-possessed Deadfire be sure in a ar after the threat(?) that the Cube has been vanquished. And yet you can see on the horizon the reality that they’re gift spied on by the A.I.M. Robot searching Party skin i m sorry parachuted onto the Fortnite map 2 weeks back and hopefully isn’t about to killing the pair of them.

But he’s not the information on the map we should be paying attention to. Rather, if girlfriend zoom in, as checked out below, you have the right to see the the outline of a fight star is existing on the grill that the tiny impromptu picnic these 2 are having in the field.

But whereby is that grill? it is actually no something ns knew appropriate away due to the fact that I didn’t recognize the location. Transforms out that’s due to the fact that this ar is only around two main old. This is in Leaky Lake, which have to really be change the name to something rather at this allude because it’s successfully been turned into a little island chain.

You deserve to see whereby the precise location of this grill is ~ above the map below. The in the northwest that the key island kind of close to the Cube stonehenge area.

You have the right to obviously land there directly, and also there might be a chest waiting beside it if she lucky. Here’s what that looks choose if you landing over there directly.

So seize that totally free battle pass tier, since it’s walk to be the last one of the season. Week 10 is walk to it is in a new banner, because every other week has altered this season, though i’m not certain if the will continue going forward. Ns did like this system far better than the “hidden points no longer exist after mainly 7” layout we experienced for late-season loading display screens last season.

As for actual plot implications, I have actually no idea what’s going on. Ns don’t recognize who the A.I.M. Robot has actually been sent out by, or what his presence means for Fortnite and the comes season 7 map. Without concern we are gaining at the very least some ingredient of the map spanned in snow next season, but that seems favor something that’s just going to happen naturally, not something resulted in by the robot. Like how the desert showed up on the map without the being directly tied come rifts or the Cube.

Anyway, this is a pretty easy one come snag, for this reason don’t leaving it behind. And it’s your last chance for a totally free tier.

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