People usually dont alert all of the great things in their resides until they are lost.

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We should safeguard what is a lot of necessary to us. This is presented once the 2 main personalities lead the greedy male, who just desires to make money off of the current the majority of rare and valuable point, ameans to a place far from the sunlight.

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I also think that among the possible themes could be you cannot receive without providing. This is apparent as soon as Lily leaves her wedding dress at the cottage and Tom comforts her saying "You will not require it aobtain." Lily and also Tom got the gift of Ms. Hatching"s hospitality and the gift of the sun in exadjust for her wedding dress. This template is expressed a lot even more subtly and also might possibly differ upon your viewpoint.

Another template is the damage of the atmosphere due to nuclear bombs. However, this have the right to be tied right into "We need to defend what is necessary to us."

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