Life Is strange 2: 10 reasons Why Sean Is The Best large Brother Life Is strange 2 is a criminally underrated game, with personalities equally together overlooked - none much more so 보다 Sean Diaz, brothers of the Year.

Life Is weird 2: Sean and Daniel
v a brand-new game coming out this fall, as well as a remaster that the original games, the Life is Strange community is walk to have actually a good year. However they would certainly be remiss come forget about Life is weird 2, a game which deserves simply as much acclaim as its predecessors. V a raw storyline, a wonderful soundtrack, and a cast of complex, reality characters, it truly holds up as an i can not forget experience.

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All that this is, in great part, thanks to Sean Diaz: the playable protagonist and ward that the game"s little superhero, his brothers Daniel. Sean went with hellish experiences at simply 16 year old, but his love for his brother preserved him going with it all.

Life Is weird 2: Sean and also Daniel
Daniel"s superpowers come as a shock to both brothers, however Sean knew much better than to do Daniel suppress something that he couldn"t help. Instead, that made an initiative to train Daniel, therefore he might express his powers in a way that is both useful and well-contained.

Of course, due to the fact that Daniel was just a little boy, they had actually some hiccups along the way. But Sean took it all in stride and also made sure never to blame his brother for something no of them can help. Since of this, Daniel to be able to get as close come mastering his powers as a 10-year-old could.

9 A Boy and also His Dog

towards the end of the an initial episode, Sean and Daniel encounter Mushroom: a cute spaniel puppy being available for adoption at a gas station. After ~ escaping a terrifying case with the gas terminal owners, Sean discovers that Daniel rescued Mushroom during all the commotion - and also like only the finest of big brothers, that let him store her.

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The gas station owners to be cruel, so the puppy was always going to be much better off v a sweet boy like Daniel. Plus, after everything he"d been through, a puppy was simply the point he needed to lift his spirits. Also amidst every the uncertainty of their situation, Sean was kind sufficient to realize this.

Sean was put in an impossible case from the an extremely beginning. How on earth was he an alleged to define to his little brother what occurred to their father? Grief, mourning, and also loss space all points that room terribly daunting for children to understand, let alone the circumstances surrounding one"s death.

So Sean put his creative skills to the test and began to weave a story to do their journey more understandable for Daniel. He continuously told Daniel the story of the wolf Brothers, evolving it as their journey progressed, and that eventually made it simpler for Daniel to cope with whatever going on approximately him.

7 wolves At Play

as well as this, Sean tho made time to it is in playful v his brother. Although Daniel thought of himself together an adult, as all tiny kids do, he to be still very young and unable to process certain things. So Sean made sure to break up their durations of travel through moments of beat - be it games in the woods, or literal board games.

Their dynamic was equally playful, with the brothers developing an easy, silly banter between them. Without this moments, their journey would certainly have certainly been much more agonizing.

despite the strain between Sean and his estranged mother, Karen, that still sought the end her parents as a refuge from their travels. Return Sean is a brave character, that is still just a boy - the was out of his depth in the situation they were in, and also after Daniel came down v a cold, he knew he required some help.

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So he put past distinctions aside and trekked through the snow to uncover their grandparents, which ended up being a life-saving decision. Even though they were worried about Sean"s standing as a suspect, castle still healed Daniel up, acquired the boys fed, and also did their absolute finest to take care of them. Every one of which is thanks to Sean"s decision to uncover them.

5 boys Being Boys

Both brother were lacking the comforts of home throughout their travels, and some that those comforts were social. This is specifically true because that Daniel, who was at the age when playtime v other children his age is crucial. Sean knew this, so as soon as they met kris - a quirky boy living next door to your grandparents, that ultimately let Daniel befriend him.

Even though over there was constantly a threat something would acquire out to the police, Sean saw just how happy Daniel was as soon as he was v Chris, and decided it to be a hazard worth taking. After all, they to be pretty adorable together as friends!

however Sean required people, also - the was just a regular teenager acquiring ready because that a party when everything went down. And he couldn"t it is in a an excellent big brothers if the didn"t take treatment of himself, too. If he"d neglected his own needs, that would have surely one of two people smothered Daniel, or driven them also further apart.

Instead, in moment of respite, Sean to be able to affix with others and also let them assist out, which gave him a much-needed break, and also socialize prefer he offered to. He accepted the wisdom the the writer Brody, befriended the crust punks at the farm, and also became a brief part of the trailer park ar his mommy lived at. In doing every this, that was much better able to look out for Daniel in the moments that mattered most.

3 occasions Of illustration 4

This whole episode to be a check of strength and patience because that Sean, who had to an outbreak of a hospital, endure humiliation from a pair of racist crooks, and team up v Karen in order come rescue Daniel from a religious cult. It was one of the most difficult episodes for players to acquire through, as they knew Sean, and also they knew he didn"t deserve any of it.

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Yet despite Daniel"s confusion amidst his captivity, Sean didn"t offer up ~ above him. He kept pushing, recall Daniel the he would never provide up on him, and that his home was with world who actually cared around and loved him.

Nothing around their case was fair. Together victims in a violently racist world, Sean and also Daniel were constantly being tested v horrifying situations, Sean even much more so, being the larger brother. And also since he was so young, it was even an ext confusing for him to decision what was ideal for the two of them.

But Sean never gave up. Everything he did was for Daniel"s sake, and for the services of your survival. He never ever stooped come the level of their pursuers, and he never once thought of abandoning his little brother. Sean"s bravery, determination, and strength are among many factors why the deserves more recognition, not just as a huge brother, but as a character in general.

1 beloved Brother

and also of course, occasionally Sean made mistakes. Sometimes he yes, really upset Daniel. That"s just exactly how siblings are. What"s telling is the truth that, no matter how things rotate out because that the brothers, Daniel reflects intense love for his brothers in each and also every feasible ending because that the game.

Regardless of just how Sean increased Daniel, or just how he tackled things throughout the game, Daniel never ever shows hostility or disdain in the direction of his brother by the end of the all. Whether they"re separated or reunited, they space still the Diaz brothers. And also they constantly will be.

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