For your randomised gear you’re going to need to fast travel come the south eastern of Iment Nome whereby there’s a damaged ship in the middle of the desert. Very sewing you’re not going to need to go far. Dive under to the palm leaves at the bottom and pass time till morning. The zero of the mast clues the X and all you have to do is run down to collect it. It’s not exactly on the X yet close enough.

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22. Fallen girlfriend - holy place of Ptah, Memphis

The treasure for The Fallen girlfriend is also in Memphis whereby you"ll discover the scroll. Quick travel come the east of the city, dive right into the water and jump ~ above your steed on the other side the the river. Ride up the shore until you reach the two vast statues guarding that east canal. Jump into the water and also swim right (in the direct eyeline of the south statue). Dive down and also you’ll uncover the little statue surrounded by shining blue pieces on the riverbed and also the booty for her trouble. It’s before you with the delivery so save an eye out.

23. Imperial Flora - Galenos" House, Herakleion Nome

For your precious loot you’ll want to tag up this island southern of Neith Cradle Hideout and then rapid travel to Natho. Turn appropriate from wherein you generate in and also find a boat to take it you throughout the water. Steer down towards the river and keep going till you can’t sail anymore. Call your steed to continue the journey. The hideout will appear on your left hand side with the trees but you desire that uber tree ~ above the right. Scoot end the handy little bridge and you’ll uncover the loot below on the various other side that the tree.

24. Simply Laws - workshop southern of Philadelphia, Faiyum Oasis

Your prize is hiding in Atef-Pehu Nome and the fastest method to grab that is to rapid travel to Kerke Village. Once you arrive, head north eastern towards the camp top top the river and also turn left increase the road prior to you get to it. Currently keep following the road and also keep an eye out for acting ahead. It’s coming from a group of clay smokers on the right however you want the lone one top top the left. Clamber up and the sweetheart is hidden on top.

25. Wet work - Oracle the Apollo, environment-friendly Mountains

For the loot, you’re going to desire to quick travel come the Aquaeductus Kyrenaike and also instead of diving off, have actually a full on totally free running Assassin’s experience and run ago up the aqueduct. Skip, leap, jump and climb till you reach the very top. Head into the cavern in the cliff and also you’ll find a pool directly ahead. Dive in and also you’ll find the treasure underwater at the back.

Assassin"s Creed Origins: The concealed Ones DLC

26. An excellent Things Come - temple of Thoth, Arsinoe Nome

The quite thing about the scrolls in the concealed Ones DLC is just how close the riddle hints are to whereby you"ll find the riddle. For great Things Come, you"ll have to head eastern of the temple of Thoth wherein you"ll find a large black pillar that looks prefer its in the center of a sundial. Don"t stroked nerves climbing increase it. Just get to bottom and head automatically north to the beach. If you managed to head in one direction without obtaining distracted, you"ll find your compensation in the surf.

27. Tool of Apis - holy place of Ba"al, Arsinoe Nome

Sticking around in Arsinoe Nome, the device of Apis scroll is on top of component of some scaffolding in the temple of Ba"al. The systems you"ll uncover on the west coast of Arsinoe. Send up Senu and also keep one eye the end for a winch on a pontoon with four posts sticking out of the water in prior of it. Once you"ve uncovered it, simply head over and also swim between the write-ups to uncover the booty in the middle.

28. Lost reason - Shur Quarry, Madiama Nome

After you discover the role in the time at the peak of the quarry, you"ll want to head come the body of water just north eastern of your present location. Send up Senu and also you"ll have the ability to spot a makeshift dam stretching across the water as 2 walls. Head in that direction and leap over the first wall. In between the two, in the middle of the river, you"ll uncover your rare or legend spoils.

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29. Stealthy Shrub - Old Watchtower, Madiama Nome

And finally, the Stealthy Shrub riddle. Once you find the scroll in the basement of the Old Watchtower (yes friend can destroy that trapdoor), you"ll want to head approximately the roman camp referred to as The wall surfaces of the ruler if you want to discover this without any kind of Roman intervention. Senu will be able to spot the there"s a tower ~ above the southern side that lies over a bushy tree. All you need to do is clamber up and claim her prize native the base of the bush.