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1 is Schnell, 2 is Billboards, 3 is Kremlin, 4 is Radio Reddit user MrEezeh among the many recognizable landmarks in here is that craggy route on the number 4 route. It deserve to be easy to miss that rotate in the wall, however it’ll constantly take you best to where you desire to go.

Make your leave through the wall surface (pictured below) and also drop into the lower sewers. Points are around to obtain hot down here, for this reason hop on her Sparrow and get everyone with each other in the small room in ~ the end of the tunnel.

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Escaping the flaming Servitor

Grid check out

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Once everyone is in the room, the doors will lock. There space two doors in this room: the one you come in, and the one you will do it be driving out of in just a moment. Over there is additionally a grate on the back wall, v two consoles beside it. Walk approximately the console — one player on every — and also melee the holographic hand at the exact same time. This will certainly activate the flaming Servitor in former of you, so gain on your bikes and ride!

Jump on her Sparrow and also ride out the door, taking the ramps and also sliding through the rotating feet in the wall. The drive is long but relatively straightforward. Save going till you reach the an extremely end — keeping in mind the if your Sparrow gets damaged, you have the right to hop off and quickly traction a new one out. (We recommend using immediate summon Sparrows right here for this reason.)

Once you and also an ally have reached the end, you’ll have to run increase to two consoles — similar to the ones friend punched previously — and melee castle again. If you execute it in time, the Servitor will certainly be locked behind the door, and you’ll it is in safe.

Climb increase the pipes in the new pillar room and go the end the feet in the ideal side. Rod left v the entire tunnel, and also you’ll with the last boss encounter.

The an enig chest

If you want the chest from the flaming Servitor, you’ll need to be a bit more cunning and also coordinated. There space eight checkpoints throughout the to escape run. You and your team will have to hit all eight come elongate the run and earn a chest.