If it’s Tuesday, then it means Scott van Pelt has made Tim Kurkjian laugh again. The two Maryland natives acquire together and also all SVP has to do is pronounce something in a Baltimore accent and Kurkjian beginning laughing. In fact, every SVP needs to do is asking a question and Kurkjian will certainly laugh in anticipation. The doesn’t issue when or wherein they are, even if it is it was Van Pelt’s old radio present or ~ above his SportsCenter at Night show, SVP has actually made that his mission in life to make Kurkjian laugh.

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On Monday, SVP had actually Kurkjian on come talk about a really busy MLB trade Deadline day and also of course, it quickly went downhill once Van Pelt notified Kurkjian what he was doing this summer.

The SVP/Tim Kurkjian dynamic is just one of the funniest ~ above ESPN this days. And also we expect to see an ext of this together we gain closer come the postseason.


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