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southern Carolina and Texas A&M have played football against each various other a grand total of four times. Prior to 2014, the number to be zero. Their history is nearly nothing.

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And yet! The SEC renders these teams play each other every year, because, uh, yeah!

Every team in the conference has one protected rival in the other division, and the Gamecocks and also Aggies are simply that. The Aggies join the conference from the huge 12 in 2012, and these teams acquired stuck through each other.

But they’re do the efforts to figure things out.

Texas A&M beat southern Carolina in 2017, 24-17, maintaining up one undefeated all-time document that stretches back a full four years. However despite these groups having virtually no experience with each other, the seeds of something mildly an ext interesting 보다 a conference-demanded rivalry have actually taken root.



First, they acquired a rivalry trophy. Prior to the 2014 season, they worked out on a thingy that attributes James servant Bonham, one old Alamo hero who taken place to hail from the Palmetto State. Once you mix the Alamo and also South Carolina, you acquire something mutually agreeable to a bunch the Texans and a bunch the Gamecocks. Steve Spurrier had actually opinions top top it.

Here is this James Bonham trophy traded in between the governors the SC and Texas because that the
TAMU series

— Andy Shain (
AndyShain) august 27, 2014

Then, prior to their first game that year, a bunch of Aggies and also a bunch that Gamecocks acquired together out front of south Carolina’s state capitol and had us a good, rugged yelling match. Really, they to be all simply screaming at every other. Rivalry!

They stunner out here ppl walk time

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After the A&M win in ‘14, the Aggies had fun with southern Carolina\"s beloved heritage of play \"Sandstorm\" (that tune that walk \"doo doo doo doo doo doo DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO\"). The Aggies also played the tune at practice a few days later.

Here is a 10-hour variation of a locker room celebration that our A&M blog, good Bull Hunting, created:

More recently however just together importantly, a couple of Texas A&M pan literally deep-fried south Carolina helmets. This beauty beauty came into existence in 2016:

Deep-frying eccentric food dishes is a very Texan thing, ~ all.

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The scores that the 4 games have not been particularly rivalry-conducive.

A&M placed a hearty whooping on south Carolina the very first year, 52-28 (the Kenny Hill game), then won again in 2015, 35-28. 2016’s final score to be 24-13 Aggies, close-ish but not a nail-biter. The 24-17 Aggie win could have broken new ground, though, together A&M needed two fourth-quarter touchdown cd driver to go from behind come ahead because that good.

Arguably, this is the least interesting of the SEC’s seven safeguarded crossover rivalries. Probably there’s a activity on the floor for Kentucky-Mississippi State, yet that to be a cursed CBS video game just a few years ago.

The bulk of those safeguarded games no that exciting, so possibly the organization ought to take into consideration just bagging that is divisional concept and protecting 3 rivalries per year, every team. That’d work, but until it does, this deserve to maybe be fine?