The method of the at sight Bowl method traffic headaches for san Francisco residents and visitors due to the fact that streets have actually closed in ready for celebrations the the huge game. Mark Matthews reports"data-ellipsis="false">

The method of the supervisor Bowl means traffic headaches for mountain Francisco residents and visitors since streets have closed in preparation for celebrations the the huge game.

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Starting Saturday, city officials started closing streets roughly Justin Herman Plaza, whereby a complimentary fan village dubbed Super key City is booked to operate from Jan. 30 come Feb. 7, follow to the san Francisco Municipal transportation Agency.

Affected roads will stay closed v 8 p.m. On Feb. 12 to permit time because that the fan town to it is in dismantled, and include a section of southbound Embarcadero, industry Street between Beale and Steuart streets, Steuart Street in between Market Street and also Don Chee Way, and also Spear and Main streets in between Market and Mission streets.

Howard Street will likewise be closeup of the door between 3rd and 4th streets during the NFL Experience event at Moscone Center, yet the north sidewalk will certainly remain open up to pedestrians, SFMTA public representative said.


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Drivers are being motivated to stop the area or usage alternate way of transportation, if Muni riders space being warned the the closures could impact routes running v the area as well.

Paratransit vehicles and also taxis will have designated loading zones close come the village, yet private vehicles driving because that ride-booking organization companies such as Uber will not have access to those zones.

Bicyclists room being detoured between the Embarcadero and Market Street on second Street via Howard or Folsom streets, and are being asked come walk your bikes top top the eastern sidewalk in former of the Ferry Building, according to the SFMTA.

The SFMTA has actually a website containing information on all Super Bowl-related transportation alternatives and street closures at, and the California Highway Patrol has set up a website at that is expected to encompass up-to-date traffic advisories.

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The Carolina Panthers and also Denver Broncos winner their particular conference championship gamings on Sunday and also will pat in the Super bowl on Feb. 7 in ~ Levi"s stadion in Santa Clara.