Sammy Kershaw is just one of the purest timeless country vocalists still recording music. While his fight makin" days might be "over" he"s still an extremely much active. Does far better Than I used To it is in fit in v his solid catalog

Since his come on the national country music scene in the 1990s, Sammy Kershaw has definitely enjoyed a an excellent career. While it has actually been filled with numerous peaks and also valleys, it seems that Kershaw’s career is heading ago up the hill again as he releases his nine studio album (he also has a holiday and four best-of collections in his catalog) Better 보다 I used To Be.

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After record a pair of albums because that independent labels after his lengthy tenure in ~ Mercury records Nashville, Sammy is ago on one more indie label called big Hit Records.

Produced by buddy Cannon –the guy behind countless of Sammy’s 4.3 million albums marketed – Better than I used To Be find Sammy Kershaw in a good place. He to know he’s lived a thousand lives yet he is thankful for wherein he is. The title track feels prefer it was created by Sammy himself yet it was created by Ashley Gorley and Brian Simpson. “Better 보다 I supplied To Be” tells a story that a guy who realizes his failure but due to the fact that of the wisdom he’s earned since of this mistakes, he really feels favor he’s in a an excellent place. “That Train,” –one of 2 Kershaw co-writes ~ above this record– rocks and rolls choose a standard rockabilly tune as Sammy provides the train as a metaphor for exactly how his woman is leaving him. It’s refreshing come hear a song favor this rather of another in the long, lengthy line that ‘road’ or ‘car’ songs taking care of the finish of relationships.

“Everybody desires My Girl” is a laid-back track that finds Kershaw singing around the way the woman in his life renders every other male jealous that his situation. It’s a hook-filled country pop that feels retro without sounding dated, likely because of Cannon’s hard production and Kershaw’s vocal. “Through The eyes of a Woman” has a sound the is reminiscent to “Baby’s acquired Her Blue jeans On” if “The snow White Rows of Arlington” is one of the finest tracks ~ above the album. Written by Hugh Prestwood, “Snow White Rows…” reminds us of the entire real cost of protecting America indigenous those who ‘holy mission is to damage all we organize dear.’ It’s poetic, beautiful and also downright one of the best singles that 2010, also if that never had a possibility to do the top 40 of country radio.

Billy Yates is a grasp country songwriter and also “Ain’t Fallin’ for That” is a great example the this as this buddy Cannon co-write reflects off a mainly vocal, spirited instrumentals indigenous the band and also a lyric about a guy who isn’t gonna it is in snakebit twice by a woman that professes her love because that him. It takes rather a bit of guts to cover “Cover the a rojo Stone” yet Sammy has actually done just that, v the help of Jamey Johnson. This Shel Silverstein standard was tape-recorded in one take it by Sammy and Jamey and it’s nothing but damn fun and certainly among Better than I offered To Be’s finest tracks. The record ends through “Takin’ The Long means Home.” Co-written through Sammy with John Scott Sherrill and also Scotty Emerick, the ballad is a song about a male who doesn’t really understand why his marriage is ending even as it still is there. It feels choose a story of Sammy’s life and how his relationships have actually happened come fizzle out towards the finish of their run.

With 11 strong tunes Better than I supplied To Be reminds us specifically why Sammy Kershaw is still taken into consideration one of country music’s ideal vocalists. He’s no perfect but like George Jones, once you hear Sammy Kershaw song a track you recognize you’re gonna hear a country song. If you favor your music nation then you’re certain to favor Better than I used To Be.


You have the right to support Sammy Kershaw by purchasing this album digitally in ~ Amazon | iTunes.

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You have the right to support Sammy Kershaw by purchasing this album in ~ his document label website.