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"I Wanna have Some Fun" is a pop–dance track performed by british singer Samantha Fox. It to be written and also produced by complete Force and was released together the very first American solitary from Samantha’s 3rd album, i Wanna have actually Some Fun, in the last 4 minutes 1 of 1988. In the US, the single was certified gold. In Europe and also Australia, it was released together the album"s 3rd and final single in 1989. The song samples Loleatta Holloway"s tune "Love Sensation" and Yazoo"s "Situation". American traction queen, Pandora Boxx, released a cover of the song in 2012 special Tim Permanent. More »

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Hello, it"s me againDon"t you recognize it"s difficult to save a great woman downBut climate again, probably that might be funSa-Sa-Sa-Sa-Samantha Fox!Ain"t the funny how, once I speak let"s walk outYou"re constantly saying someone else will gain meWhat"s a girl to do - I prefer to have actually fun tooBut you"re so jealous - you never let meSo how come you can leave - however when it comes to meAlways something I should prove (To you)You know I love girlfriend - constantly thinking that youBut tonight - I"ve gained to make that moveI want to have actually some funMove mine body every night longI desire to have actually some funMove my body every night longWhat her momma offered to say - All job-related - No playI recognize what to carry out - ns think I"ll call my crewOf course, ns love girlfriend - yet naughty girls require fun tooCould it it is in that ns make you feel guilty whyIs there something ns can"t watch - (NO)I simply don"t buy that - for this reason don"t even shot itI"ve obtained to walk in the location to beI desire to have actually some funMove mine body all night longWorking difficult every daySo ns ain"t staying home no wayI require it (I require it)I desire it (I want it)Got come (Got to)Flaunt the (Flaunt it)I"m no a prisoner - can"t girlfriend seeUnlock the door therefore I have the right to breatheWhenever it comes to you mine dearI say remain with me however you tho goSo now I learnIt"s mine turnI desire you come stay below with meYou can have fun through meWith you?Yeah, v me!Come ~ above - I can have lots of funny without youWithout me?Yeah!

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Samantha Fox Samantha Karen "Sam" Fox (born 15 April 1966) is an English dance-pop singer, actress, and former glamour model. In 1983, at the age of 16, she started her modelling career on web page Three of The Sun, and went top top to become a famous pin-up girl. In 1986, she introduced her pop music career through her debut single "Touch Me (I desire Your Body)", which came to be a Number 1 struggle in 17 countries. She has since sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

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Fox has likewise appeared in a number of films and reality tv shows, and also has occasionally operated as a television presenter. More »