‘Anyone recognize any way I can contact Russell Crowe? THE Russell Crowe?’ asked BBC radio host


Russell Crowe surprised a yachtswoman right now sailing the human being with a date of birth message, having been prompted by a BBC radio host.

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Crowe sent the heartwarming blog post to seafarer Pip Hare after being alerted to she round-the-world trip via Twitter.

Steve Harris, the host of BBC Radio Solent’s Dorset breakfast show, pondered ~ above the society media communication if the urbanbreathnyc.comuld call Crowe. He tweeted ~ above Wednesday (3 February): “Long shot... Anyone recognize any method I can get in touch with Russell Crowe? THE Russell Crowe?!”

Less 보다 30 minute later, Crowe responded, tweeting in ~ Harris: “What’s increase Steve?”

After Harris informed Crowe that Hare was a enormous fan the the Gladiator star, and that she was right now sailing the world as component of the Vendee globe race, the actor post his own video clip message in solemn event of her forthurbanbreathnyc.comming birthday.

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In it, Crowe said: “I listen you’re sailing around the globe. I’m simply sitting here thinking about the incredible an obstacle in prior of you and how overwhelming it must feel some days, however just keep going!”

Crowe additionally joked the he had recently to be on a similar journey come Hare, together he’d simply been kayaking.

“What an impressive feeling you’re going to have when you have the right to say girlfriend have asserted the globe,” Crowe added. “Happy birthday Pip, sail well.”

In she own video response, Hare stated she was overjoyed by Crowe’s gift.

“Thank you so lot for my birthday message,” Hare said. “You have actually no idea what a surprise it was and how an excellent it was to get it. I have been top top my very own for 87 days.”

Hare, who turns 47 on Sunday, is at this time sailing the Atlantic Ocean. She has more than 2,000 nautical mile to go before she get the finish line.


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Last month, Crowe stand up for his 2003 movie Master and urbanbreathnyc.commmander after a famous tweet asserted it is really effective together a sleep aid.

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