Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

by Neal Ronaghan - November 15, 2011, 10:27 to be EST full comments: 6

Rune manufacturing facility is one off-shoot the the Harvest Moon series described succinctly by a producer together “Harvest Moon whereby you wield a sword.” For part people, that can convince them to operation out and also buy it, together the idea is sound if you’re into farming simulators. Tides that Destiny, the 5th entry in the series and second on Wii, is a great entry in the series that seems to bring enough refined content when still transporting the token gameplay that made Harvest Moon and Rune factory beloved niche series.

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The game starts with one overly lengthy story setup entailing Aden and also Sonja, 2 friends who obtain thrown right into an alternate dimension (or what is very likely the future). Aden is the only one who has a body, as his friend Sonja simply exists in ethereal form to continually annoy and also embarrass him. Oddly, anyone on the island, referred to as Fenith, has no trouble with this.


The game quickly picks up, however still operates top top the snail speed of Harvest Moon games. You complete chores and also fetch pursuits for other villagers, hope to earn your friendship and also get other rewards. Over there is also a farming component, despite it’s significantly watered down contrasted to various other Harvest Moon games. The periods are stood for individually on different islands. So rather of figuring out what crops to plants when, you just take the winter crop and plant it on Winter Island.

The leveling doesn’t floor the experience, though, as the combat mechanic manages to also out the experience. When it quantities to a button-mashing dungeon crawler, the progression remains funny throughout, specifically as various wrinkles room added. You use a giant golem to get to these dungeons, and occasionally you manage the golem in a fight, i m sorry is a nice change of pace. Additionally, you can tame monsters, making use of them to aid you in different facets of the game.


The presentation the the video game is smooth and relaxing, v the island layout being offered to good effect. Content isn’t lacking here, either, as the main story and subsequent post-game content could take players upwards of 50 hours. Since the gameplay varies from timing-based mini-games and fetch pursuits to fun combat (especially bolstered through a run button) and laid-back farming, it’s no that monotonous of a grind, either.

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Rune Factory: Tides that Destiny is type of a jack-of-all-trades video clip game. The villager interaction, combat, and farming space all serviceable, however none that the singular aspects of the game are spectacular. Collection faithful will no doubt destruction this game, though they might be placed off through the agriculture simplification. ~ above the other hand, the reality that the focus is much more on activity might do this an ext appealing to action-oriented gamers. Although, at the finish of the day, it’s tho a Harvest Moon-style game, so over there is that little chance the you’ll be lull to sleep while playing it, even if friend are having actually a good time doing so.