A premium 1960s collection about friends Tod Stiles and also Buz Murdock driving across the U.S. In a Corvette. Along the way, of course, they encountered and also helped lot of of amazing (often troubled) people. Among the guest who appeared were Robert Redford, Alan Alda, stick Steiger and Ethel Waters (in an Emmy-nominated performance as a dice blues singer). Nelson Riddle written the series" standard theme. The display was revitalized unsuccessfully in the summer the 1993.

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Episode 1

Two Strangers and an Old Enemy

Fri, Sep 27, 1963 60 mins

The search for a pilot that crashed in the Everglades is join by a Japanese male (Sessue Hayakawa) whose past is strangely linked with the downed flier"s. Tod: young name Milner. Linc: valley Corbett. Barben: Jack Warden.

Episode 2

Same Picture, different Frame

Fri, Oct 4, 1963 60 mins

Joan Crawford portrays a terrified mrs on the operation from she deranged ex-husband---who has actually murder top top his mind. Eric: Patrick O"Neal. Klein: Tom Bosley. Linc: glenn Corbett. Tod: young name Milner.

Episode 3

Come Out, Come Out, wherever You Are

Fri, Oct 11, 1963 60 mins

Tod (Martin Milner) braces for trouble once Linc drops for a an extremely pretty---and an extremely fickle---French-Canadian girl. Linc: glenn Corbett. Marie: Diane Baker. Poppa: Lon Chaney Jr. Jack: Alex Viespi.

Episode 4

Where space the sounds of Celli Brahms

Fri, Oct 18, 1963 60 mins

The interval is on comedy together a gleeful Linc prepares to referee a beauty contest and also a weary Tod struggles to store up through a tireless engineer (Tammy Grimes). Fenton: Horace McMahon. Shagbag: harry Bellaver. Tod: boy name Milner. Linc: glen Corbett.

Episode 5

Build Your dwellings with your Backs to the Sea

Fri, Oct 25, 1963 60 mins

Tod and Linc are caught in the middle of one escalating feud in between fisherman Thayer Faxon (Pat Hingle) and also his irresponsible child (William Shatner). Tod: young name Milner. Linc: glen Corbett. Ella: Louise Sorel.

Episode 6

And do Thunder His Tribute

Fri, Nov 1, 1963 60 mins

J. Carrol Naish theatre raspberry farmer Mike Donato, a stubborn man provided to constant clashes v his rebellious boy (Lou Antonio). Tod: boy name Milner. Vinny: Michael J. Pollard. Joe Sky: Alfred Ryder. Linc: glen Corbett.

Episode 7

The stone Guest

Fri, Nov 8, 1963 60 mins

In Colorado, an opera troupe"s version of "Don Giovanni" is rivaled by an off-stage drama involving a philandering miner (Lee Philips) and a lonely mrs (Jo valve Fleet). Tod: martin Milner. Linc: glenn Corbett. Sue: Brooke Bundy. Jimmy: william Cort.

Episode 8

I Wouldn"t start from Here

Fri, Nov 15, 1963 60 mins

Tod and also Linc go to work for a farmer (Parker Fennelly) nearing the end of a losing battle to eke the end a living from the rock-laden earth. Claire: Rosemary Forsyth. Tod: young name Milner. Linc: glen Corbett. Ball: Howard Freeman.

Episode 9

A Cage searching for a Bird

Fri, Nov 29, 1963 60 mins

Julie Severn (Stefanie Powers), ~ above the run from her cardsharp boy friend, is befriended through fugitive Len Ringsby (Dan Duryea). Tod: boy name Milner. Rick: Alex Viespi. Linc: valley Corbett. Policeman: Bert Remsen.

Episode 10

A Long means from St. Louie

Fri, Dec 6, 1963 60 mins

Chivalrous Linc gallops come the assist of five damsels in distress who"ve to be flung out into the cold by an unsympathetic hotel manager. Liz: Jessica Walter. Linc: glen Corbett. Tod: young name Milner. Chops: Patricia Harty. Gyo: Virginia Wing. Allison: Lynda Day.

Episode 11

Come residence Greta Inger Gruenschaffen

Fri, Dec 13, 1963 60 mins

Liniment flows freely as Tod and Linc vie for the attentions of one ardent physical culturist (Tammy Grimes). Heiss: Chad Everett. Tod: boy name Milner. Spofford: william LeMassena.

Episode 12

93 Percent in Smiling

Fri, Dec 20, 1963 60 mins

year of nomadic living to convince two youngsters that their baby brother needs a better home---so castle deposit that on a neighbor"s doorstep. Aaron: Albert Salmi. Linc: glenn Corbett. Tod: young name Milner. Howard: David Howell.

Episode 13

Child the a Night

Fri, january 3, 1964 60 mins

A dice man"s critical request sends out Linc (Glenn Corbett) ~ above a frustrating search. His mission: to provide $38,000 come the child the man has never seen. Lonnie: Sylvia Sidney. Hull: Chester Morris. Nita: Diana van der Vlis. Ward: Herschel Bernardi.

Episode 14

Is it True There room Poxies in ~ the Bottom that Landfair Lake?

Fri, jan 10, 1964 60 mins

A male returns home from the military intent on shielding his family from "city folks."

Episode 15

Like This It means Father...Like This - Bitter...Like This - Tiger...

Fri, jan 17, 1964 60 mins

A coward"s initiatives to bury his previous are ruined by Linc, who appears bent on removing the haunted man"s staying self-respect.

Episode 16

Kiss the Monster, do Him Sleep

Fri, jan 24, 1964 60 mins

Linc falls for a mrs whose brothers is too many possessive.

Episode 17

Cries of people Close come One

Fri, january 31, 1964 60 mins

year of drinking have taken your toll top top a third-rate fighter offered to fits of depression and violent outbursts.

Episode 18

Who in His appropriate Mind demands a nice Girl?

Fri, Feb 7, 1964 60 mins

A murderer desires a librarian to assist him escape.

Episode 19

This Is Going to Hurt Me much more than It hurts You

Fri, Feb 14, 1964 60 mins

A millionaire can"t bear to see anyone ill. Number of "desperately sick" women plan to capitalize ~ above his weakness.

Episode 20

Follow the White Dove through the broken Wing

Fri, Feb 21, 1964 60 mins

A disturbed teen accidentally kills his only friend.

Episode 21

Where There"s a Will, There"s a Way: part One

Fri, Mar 6, 1964 60 mins

component 1 of two. Tod is named the beneficiary that $100,000---if that marries.

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Episode 22

Where There"s a Will, There"s a Way: component Two

Fri, Mar 13, 1964 60 mins

Conclusion. Tod, married come heiress Margo Tiffin, faces threats to life and limb indigenous his greedy in-laws.

Episode 23

I"m here to kill a King

Fri, Mar 20, 1964 60 mins

A rental assassin has two aces up his sleeve: a beautiful girl friend---and a exceptional resemblance come Tod.