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"Love Don"t Live right here Anymore" is a tune written by miles Gregory and originally videotaped by climbed Royce. It was developed by previous Motown songwriter and producer Norman Whitfield because that Whitfield Records. Lead vocals to be sung through Gwen Dickey and also the track was released together the 2nd single indigenous their 3rd studio album Strikes Again. The tune was occurred as a result of producer Whitfield"s interest to job-related with Paul Buckmaster, the brothers arranger and also composer. Together they inquiry songwriter miles Gregory to compose a song for them. Gregory"s experience medical treatment for his deteriorating physical health became the catalyst behind the song. "Love Don"t Live right here Anymore" included the use of the electronic LinnDrum machine, and also was among the very first songs to efficiently use the sound reverbs that the instrument. The tune was mainly recorded in ~ music contractor Gene Bianco"s house, whereby Dickey was present during the recording. ~ its release, the tune was critically appreciated, but was just moderately effective commercially. It reached a top of 32 top top the Billboard hot 100 and also five on the hot Black Singles chart. It accomplished its greatest position in both brand-new Zealand and also the unified Kingdom, wherein it got to number two. "Love Don"t Live below Anymore" has been covered by a number of artists, including Madonna, Morrissey–Mullen, Jimmy Nail and Faith Evans. Madonna"s version was included in her second studio album like a Virgin (1984), and also it to be the idea that Michael Ostin, the head of the A&R department of Warner Bros. Records, that Madonna record a cover version of the song to include in the album. A remix the Madonna"s cover was included in her 1995 ballad compilation album Something come Remember.more »

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You abandoned meLove don"t live below anymoreJust a vacancyLove don"t live below anymoreWhen you lived inside of meThere to be nothing I can conceiveThat friend wouldn"t perform for meTrouble seemed so far awayYou adjusted that ideal away, babyYou abandoned meLove don"t live below anymoreJust a vacancyLove don"t live below anymoreLove don"t live below anymoreJust emptiness and memoriesOf what we had beforeYou go awayFound an additional place come stay, one more homeYou exit meLove don"t live here anymoreJust a vacancyLove don"t live right here anymoreThrough the windows of my eyesEveryone deserve to see the loneliness inside meWhy"d you have to go awayDon"t you know I miss out on you so, and need your loveYou abandoned meLove don"t live here anymoreJust a vacancyLove don"t live below anymore You abandoned meLove don"t live below anymoreJust a vacancy, yeahLove don"t live here anymore, no, no, noYou abandoned meLove don"t live here, live right here no more

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rose Royce increased Royce is an American soul and also R&B group.

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Castle are ideal known for several hit singles during the 1970s consisting of "Car Wash," "I Wanna gain Next to You," "I"m walk Down", "Wishing ~ above a Star", and "Love Don"t Live right here Anymore". An ext »