Ronnie DeVoe had actually a blast ~ above his wedding day on march 10, 2006. He and his wife, Shamari Devoe (former member the the 90’s R&B group, Blaque) exchanged wedding vows v their closest friends and family in the building- brand-new Edition being amongst them. Native on the Old institution curb is that Ronnie even had his other N.E. Members, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and also Johnny Gill in his wedding party, together with his 2 brothers.

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Ronnie Devoe and his wife, singer Shamari Devoe

Well, return it to be Ronnie and Shamari’s day, let’s simply say the Bobby B. Was having actually the time the his life and taking over the present at the wedding reception…literally. It was fun and also Ronnie didn’t seem come mind, so we want to share this rarely footage that the many private dude in N.E., Ronnie Devoe, and of course the many hype dude in N.E., Bobby B. Getting the wedding guest hyped up Ronnie’s wedding. With every one of the tension, and also arguments that have been rumored to have gone down among the team throughout the years, this video is a true depiction that they constantly were and constantly will it is in brothers at heart no matter what. Examine it the end below…

We’ve been seeing Bobby Brown go v so lot grief lately with the shed of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, it’s refresh to take it a look ago and re-superstructure a reminder with the people of Bobby B. And also his N.E. Fam’ throughout happier times.

As far as Ronnie Devoe and also his wife, Shamari, they’re marital relationship is solid as a rock, similar to Ashford and also Simpson. As a issue fact, they yes, really may come to be they brand-new age Ashford and also Simpson in a way, since they’re functioning on brand-new music together, that they will certainly be publication in early out time. Now this is yes, really random, however is is simply me, or walk Ronnie and Shamari look choose they might be ‘play siblings?’ They say if you remain together lengthy enough, you’ll start looking alike and also it looks like that’s what’s keep going to this two spirit mates.

It’s tough not come love Ronnie and also Shamari as husband and also wife though, because this year they celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary and they doesn’t seem as though they just love each other, they in reality like each various other a whole lot as well – ns think there’s a difference.

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That’s something my Grandmother teach me a long time ago, so good for them. Anyways, here are some recent pics that Ronnie Devoe safety time with his wife, lover, friend, Shamari…


Ronnie Devoe together “Edward Scissorhands” and also hie mam Shamari as “Black Swan,” Halloween 2015