About If You"re Going v Hell (Before The adversary Even Knows)

"If You"re Going v Hell (Before the devil Knows)" is a tune written by Dave Berg, Sam Tate and also Annie Tate, and also recorded by American nation music artist Rodney Atkins. It was released in January 2006 as the lead-off single to his 2nd album If You"re Going with Hell. The song became Atkins" an initial number one fight on the U. S. Billboard Hot country Songs chart, spending 4 weeks at that position. The song likewise reached the peak 40 ~ above the Billboard warm 100. "If You"re Going through Hell" was called the number-one song of 2006 on the Billboard"s year-end chart. An ext »

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Well, you recognize those times when you feel choose there"s a authorize there on her backSays i don"t mind if ya absent me seems prefer everybody hasThings go from bad to worse, you"d think lock can"t acquire worse than thatAnd then they doYou step off the straight and narrow and you don"t know where you areUse the needle of your compass come sew increase your broken heartAsk directions from a genie in a party of Jim BeamAnd she lies come youThat"s when you discover the truthIf you"re going through hellKeep on going, don"t sluggish downIf you"re scared, don"t display itYou can get out prior to the adversary even knows you"re thereWell, i been deep under in that darkness ns been under to my last matchFelt a hundred different demons breath fire down my backAnd i knew that if ns stumbled I"d autumn right right into the trap the they were laying, yeahBut the good news is there"s angels almost everywhere out top top the streetHolding the end a hand to traction you back upon her feetThe one"s the you to be dragging for so long you"re on your kneesYou might too be prayingGuess what I"m sayingIf you"re going through hellKeep ~ above going, don"t slow-moving downIf you"re scared, don"t display itYou might get out prior to the devil even knows you"re thereYeah, if you"re going v hellKeep ~ above moving, confront that fireWalk appropriate through itYou could get out prior to the evil one even knows you"re thereIf you"re going with hellKeep on going, don"t slow downIf you"re scared, don"t show itYou could get out prior to the adversary even knows you"re thereYeah, if you"re going v hellKeep ~ above moving, face that fireWalk best through itYou might get out before the evil one even to know you"re thereYeah, you might get out before the devil even to know you"re there, yeah

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Rodney Atkins Rodney Allan Atkins (born in march 28, 1969) is one American country music artist.

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Signed to Curb documents in 1996, that charted his an initial single on the Billboard country chart in 1997, yet did not release one album till 2003"s Honesty, which had the number 4 struggle "Honesty (Write Me a List)". An ext »