About absent My human being (Little country Girl)

"Rock My civilization (Little country Girl)" is a tune written by invoice LaBounty and Steve O"Brien and recorded through American nation music duo Brooks & Dunn. It to be released in December 1993 together the fourth single from your album tough Workin" Man. The is additionally their second single to function Kix Brooks on lead vocals rather of Ronnie Dunn. The tune peaked at number 2 ~ above the Billboard Hot country Singles & tracks (now Hot country Songs) chart.

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She"s gained a T-Top Camaro v a scoop top top the hoodAnd two large speakers blasting Johnny B. GoodeLooking therefore sweet the oughta it is in a crimeShe plays through my heart and also messes through my mindActs prefer Madonna but she listens come MerleRock my world small country girlShe attract snakeskin boots make by Calvin KleinAnd cheap sunglasses indigenous the five and dimeAll the various other girls in college they provide her dirty looksShe gained an "A" in math and also never cracked a bookSure looks great in she denim and pearlsRock my world tiny country girlRock mine worldDrag me out on the floorDance through me "till i can"t dance anymoreOne-step, two-step, obtain in a lineI gotta discover a means to do you mineRock my worldI tell her that i love her but it ain"t enoughShe says I acquired to learn to ease upGet a small wild on Saturday nightBut make sure she"s home before the mornin" lightSunday she"s all ribbons and also curlsRock my world little country girlRock my worldDrag me out on the floorDance through me "till i can"t run anymoreOne-step, two-step, get in a lineI gotta uncover a way to do you mine(Rock my world) absent my world little country girlRock mine world tiny country girlRock mine world tiny country girlRock mine world small country girlRock my world small country girl (rock mine world)Rock mine world little country girlRock my world

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Brooks & Dunn Brooks & Dunn was an American nation music duo consist of of Kix Brooks and also Ronnie Dunn, that were both vocalists and songwriters. The duo was founded in 1990 through the ide of Tim DuBois. Before the foundation, both members to be solo recording artists.

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Brooks composed songs for john Conlee, Nitty Gritty dirt Band and Highway 101 and also released a solo album because that Capitol Records; both he and also Dunn also charted 2 solo singles apiece in the 1980s. An ext »