In the article “Magnanimity and Integrity as armed forces Virtues,” Robinson defines integrity together a virtue that (Points : 1)

       has excesses choose arrogance and deficiencies such as weakness that will       has excesses choose generosity and also deficiencies such together weakness of will       has actually excesses favor arrogance and deficiencies such together weakness that pleasure       has excesses prefer generosity and deficiencies such as weakness of pleasure

Question 2. 2. According to Aristotle, us should begin ethical inquiry by specifying: (Points : 1)

       the can be fried aim of every that we do.       what our basic duties are.       what border on behavior it would be reasonable to agree to.       the will certainly of God.

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Question 3. 3. According come the scene from The bridge on the flow Kwai, what is the ultimate reason Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness) insists the the soldiers work tough to develop the ideal bridge possible: (Points : 1)

       due to the fact that it is an expression of the virtues of a soldier - choose strength and also dignity - even in captivity.       So the the British pressures will have the ability to fight the Japanese more effectively.       because the much better the bridge, the more benefit they will certainly receive and also less penalty they will certainly endure from their captors.       because even in captivity, they recognize that God is watching them.

Question 4. 4. In the write-up “Magnanimity and also Integrity as armed forces Virtues,” Robinson defines magnanimity and integrity together both primarily concerned with what? (Points : 1)

       Honor       Wealth       Courage       Generosity

Question 5. 5. In the short article “Magnanimity and Integrity as army Virtues,” Robinson agrees with Aquinas’ idea the (Points : 1)

       respect is unimportant       respect is unrelated come integrity       Honor should be displayed in action       honor is a subjective state of mind

Question 6. 6. In what means would thomas Hill’s id of “self-acceptance”, as described in “Ideals of human being Excellence and Preserving herbal Environments”, correspond to Aristotle’s conception that eudaimonia? (Points : 1)

       castle both are naturally immoral and contrary come virtue.       they both require the complete rejection of standards external the self.       castle both have actually nothing to do with ethics.       castle both show off acknowledging and also respecting the kinds of creatures that we are.

Question 7. 7. According to Aristotle, pleasure is: (Points : 1)

       a life the is lived well.       satisfying as many desires and goals as possible.       pleasure and also the lack of pain.       constant feelings of euphoric bliss and also joy.

Question 8. 8. In the write-up “Magnanimity and Integrity as military Virtues,” Robinson argues that the much more closely one associates through one’s identity with a specific group, the more one will (Points : 1)

       associate one’s very own honor v rejecting the respect of the group       associate one’s own honor with the honor of the group       associate one’s very own honor with that the the opponent group       associate one’s own honor with the virtue that prudence

Question 9. 9. Aristotle explains each virtue as: (Points : 1)

       a best of part character trait.       a minimum of some character trait.       an intermediate in between excess and defect of some character trait.       no one of the above

Question 10. 10. Which that the adhering to would it is in an idea mutual both by the teacher (Kevin Kline) native the clip of The Emperor’s Club, and by Aristotle? (Points : 1)

       If you act dishonestly, you are bound to eventually get caught, and also that is why friend should always be honest.       Cheating might lead to external success, but at the price of internal failure.       If one practice the virtues favor honesty, one is bound to accomplish greater wealth, success, and honor.       clock what girlfriend say due to the fact that you never recognize who might be listening.   

Question 11. 11. In The Emperor’s Club, what finest describes the teacher’s (Kevin Kline) an answer to his student’s (Emile Hirsch) join of cheating?  (Points : 1)

       he hugged him and thanked him because that being honest.       He threatened to revolve him in and also have him punished.   d.  He reminded him the it is against school policy to cheat, and thus the he erred by breaking the school’s rules.       He tested him come regard virtue and also character as more important 보다 success alone.

Question 12. 12. Aristotle regards passions and also feelings, such as anger, as: (Points : 1)

       qualified of excess, defect, or the intermediate state properties of virtue.       good when directed by reason toward the ideal objects and also the ideal amounts.       constantly either an excess or a defect in one’s character.       Both (a) and also (b).

Question 13. 13. In Aristotle’s view, just how are the virtues acquired? (Points : 1)

       through abstract philosophical reflection.       with repetition of building actions until they end up being habitual.       v genetics.       through analysis a most self-help books.

Question 14. 14. In “Ideals of human Excellence and Preserving natural Environments,” thomas Hill insurance claims that a fruitful method to think about the badness of ruining the atmosphere is: (Points : 1)

       to appeal to notions of the rights of plants, minerals, landscapes, etc.       to think around what kind of human would choose to damage the earth.       To examine people’s intuitions around whether that is ideal to harm the environment.       To research the pleasures or pains that humans could experience together a an effect of treating the environment certain ways.

Question 15. 15. Aristotle claims that if us ask what the highest great is: (Points : 1)

       there is no agreement about the answer.       over there is no objective answer come this question.       most human being agree that it is wealth.       virtually everyone agrees the it is happiness.

Question 16. 16. In the write-up “Magnanimity and also Integrity as armed forces Virtues,” Robinson describes “magnanimity” together the mean in between the extremes of: (Points : 1)

       Vanity and pusillanimity       Vanity and also vice       Generosity and selfishness       Generosity and also greed  

Question 17. 17. According come “Ideals of human Excellence and also Preserving organic Environments,” thomas Hill would insurance claim that a failure to evaluate the aesthetic value of the atmosphere (Points : 1)

       can indicate that the human simply has a different set of spatu tastes.       could indicate the one lacks a an exact philosophical account the the beautiful.       can indicate an i can not qualify to appreciate the true worth of things in general.       could indicate an inability to express appropriate self-deception.

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Question 18. 18. In the article “Magnanimity and Integrity as military Virtues,” Robinson suggests that integrity must be pertained to as: (Points : 1)

       an absolute worth in the honor group       An absolute value just on the battlefield       An absolute value just for noncombatants       no one of the above

Question 19. 19. According to cutting board Hill’s account of ecological ethics, a person might show a absence of virtue when they: (Points : 1)

       fail come find any kind of aesthetic value in nature.       fail to establish that person needs and also interests room worthless and also unimportant.       failure to acknowledge the equal civil liberties of nonsentient beings prefer plants and also rocks.       all of the above. 

Question 20. 20. Aristotle conceives of a virtue as: (Points : 1)

       a dominion that tells you what the right activity is.       a confident self-image.       a state of personality that allows practically wise choices.       conformity to society’s standards.