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Roberto Cavalli is an iconic fashion designer known for utilizing exotic, eccentric deindicators and also inventing the sand-blasted look for jeans. Founded in 1972, his eponymous label has actually become linked with animal prints, painted denim and seductive forms, best summed up by designer"s own well known quote: "Excess is success". Elaboprice nature-influenced designs, V-necks and metallics are the hallmarks of Roberto Cavalli T-shirts. These classic Cavalli pieces will add fresh appeal to your weekfinish closet.

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Iconic fashion brand also Roberto Cavalli repeatedly creates intriguing and elaborative collections. Known for utilizing striking pet prints, bold colors, stand-out fonds, and also embellishments, the brand also delivers an selection of high-end clothes, leather products and also popular perfumes for both men and women. Most famous throughout eextremely repertoire, however, is the variety of men’s T-shirts. The Roberto Cavalli T-shirt collection is substantial, and with so many different designs, it’s guaranteed that tright here will be a T-shirt design that fits perfectly with everyone"s individual style.Ahead, take a look at our Roberto Cavalli T-shirts buying overview, which will certainly current some of the most popular Roberto Cavalli T-shirts, together with a treatment overview and a sizing overview. The most typically asked concerns are also answered.

The Roberto Cavalli Crystal Embelliburned Cremainder T-shirt is one of the a lot of practical and desirable t-shirts within the repertoire. The glass crystal embellishment that functions on the crest on the T-shirt is a perfect representation of Roberto Cavalli’s style and extravagance. The cremainder functions a fire breapoint monster with a lion head, goat body, and also snake tail – this is a Greek mythological pet. The cremainder might take facility phase on the T-shirt, yet the architecture likewise attributes a round neck, brief sleeves, and crystals. The Crystal Embellished Crest T-shirt style is available in babsence via translucent crystals, black via yellow gold crystals and also white through yellow gold or translucent crystal.

Roberto Cavalli loves printing on T-shirts, and also eincredibly print featured on a Roberto Cavalli garment is an intricately comprehensive pattern. On the Roberto Cavalli Hybrid Animal Printed T-shirts, the print is of a mixture of hybrid animals, from birds with serpent heads to equines via lion bodies. The eccentricity exuded via the animals on the T-shirt perfectly reflects that this is a Roberto Cavalli style. The print features vivid colors and the pets are bordered by a green, gold and also white line. This creates a separation in the middle of the T-shirt, which showcases the symmetrical print on both sides. The T-shirt is brief sleeved and has a round neck. The T-shirt is slim fitting and made from soft jersey cotton.

The Roberto Cavalli Irregular Logo-Publish T-shirts are more simplistic than the brand’s various other designs. This T-shirt attributes the Roberto Cavalli logo throughout the front of the T-shirt, in an irconstant silver metallic style. The metallic logo pops out from the T-shirt as a result of the all-white background. The T-shirt functions a round neck, short-sleeved, slim fit architecture and also is made from 100% cotton. The Irregular Logo Print T-shirt is also available in babsence. This is the perfect wardrobe staple - the T-shirt style is appropriate for both daily wear and also to wear to formal occasions.

Roberto Cavalli uses Italian sizing and also alphabetical sizing. The Robert Cavalli size overview just equates sizing into UK sizing. However before, once it comes to men’s T-shirt sizing, the UK sizing is the exact same as US sizing. For example, if you are a US size 36, you will be a UK dimension 36. This converts to a dimension S or an Italian 46.

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How to Care for your Roberto Cavalli T-shirt

Many Roberto Cavalli T-shirts can be machine washed. To encertain the T-shirt doesn’t shrink a dimension when in the washing machine, we recommfinish never washing a Roberto Cavalli t-shirt on a temperature higher than 30 levels. Never before tumble dry a Roberto Cavalli t-shirt. If you must iron the T-shirt, execute it at a low temperature. Check the inner label on the garment prior to ironing, to watch if the specific T-shirt deserve to be ironed.


What are Roberto Cavalli T-shirts made from?

The majority of Roberto Cavalli T-shirts are made from 100% cotton. Other materials might show up in specific deindications. If you want to recognize the composition of a details garment, take a look at the product details prior to purchase, or on the inner label of the garment after purchase.

Wright here are Roberto Cavalli T-shirts manufactured?

Roberto Cavalli T-shirts are made in Italy, by experienced hands.

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How a lot is a Roberto Cavalli T-shirt?

All Roberto Cavalli T-shirts vary in price. Although, a Roberto Cavalli T-shirt, on average, expense you anywhere in between $300 - $500.