Who is Rich The Factor and what is his net worth 2020? Richard Johnkid, well-known by his phase name Rich the Factor is a famous rapper that established the Major Factor Records. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with numerous artists, such as Cellski, J-Diggs, Messy Mav, Rushin Roolet, Boy Big, Felix Mitchell, and also Rappin Twan among others. Richard began off his career in 1995 with the release of the EPs “Gettin A Grip” album, which was spread by the Get Low Recordz. JT The Bigga Figga was the producer of all the songs on the album.

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He is concerned as the legfinish in the Kansas for his collaborations through the regional artists. Along through releasing independent albums and mixtapes, Rich the Factor has actually released many raw footage DVDs throughout his career.


Early Life

Rich the Factor was born on 9 May 1972 in Dime Block, Kansas City, United States. Because his childhood, he had actually a great interest in rapping. Ricdifficult Johnchild Aka Rich the Factor made his first guest appearance in the song named “Takin Inventory” by San Quinn and also Messy Marv in 1998. In 2009, he collaborated through J-Diggs in Street Ballin Vol. 1 and complied with it by Vol.2 in 2010. Due to the fact that his debut, he had released about 15 studio albums.

Tbelow are even more than 24 thousand followers of Rich The Factor on Facebook and around 14 thousand followers on Instagram. He often articles about his performances on social media platcreates. Without any type of doubt, he is among the popular rappers in the gangsta genre.

Education: He flourished up in the Kanas City, Missouri, United States. However before, tbelow is nothing official information obtainable around the qualification of the Rich the Factor and also which institutions & college he had stupassed away. We will upday this information as soon as gain confirmed officially.

Net Worth of Rich The Factor

Rich the Factor net worth is $650 thousand also. The majority of his revenue comes from the sale of his studio albums. He also percreated many type of live events anywhere the year. He charges a good amount of money for perdeveloping at these occasions. Rich the Factor had actually featured on the albums of many type of artists, such as Boy Big, J-Diggs, Knocc City, and Rush. These collaborations caused raising his net worth.

Acomponent from being a music artist, he is also the founder of the Major Factor Records. This document company was introduced more than 15 albums till day and also its significant amount of earning goes to Rich the Factor. In addition to his albums, the Major Factor Records have introduced albums for artists such as Rushin Roolet, Rappin Twan, Knocc City, The Northstar System, and also a lot more.

Because his deyet, Rich the Factor has actually offered a variety of memorable and brilliant songs to the audience. A few of the finest studio albums of the Richard Johnkid are Big Thyme (2002), The Jumpoff (2006), Scritch the Scratcha, Ghetto Russel Simmons, 2 Liters, and Platinum Coated (2011), Bucks Over Fame Vol. 1,2 & 3 (2012) and also MOET: Mobbin’ Over Everypoint (2012).

His top collaborative albums are Babsence Brothers Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4, Midwest Coast, Pole Position 2 and Boss Music. He likewise has actually guest appearances in songs such as A New Vet, Center Piece of the Puzzle, What We Known Fo, Explosive Setting and much even more. A few of his albums entered the peak charts everywhere the nation and also abroad. Rich the Factor is loved by fans anywhere the world.

He was viewed in the Summerjam 16 event that organized at the Sprint Center. Alengthy with Rich the Factor, this occasion additionally features Lil Wayne, 2Chain, and also Tech N9ne. Ricdifficult Johnchild additionally provides an interwatch to the CMG street team backstage at the event.

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Rich the Factor has made a name for himself by ringing the bell from the Midwest center to the outer areas of the United States. He has entertained the audience for 2 years via more than 120 albums and Mixtapes that is available in the digital styles. This 45-year-old rapper will not going to soptimal shortly and entertain us for years to come. We wish luck to Rich the Factor for his future endeavours.