Chinese animators and also writers space no worse than all those Japanese master who managed to catch your fist earlier. The initial story was written by a Chinese writer Guowang Bixia. The novel was named "There was a spirit Blade Mountain". Later on it was adjusted for Japanese anime series. The title preferred for it is Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage, which is literally translated as "Spirit tongue Mountain: Feast the the Stardust". The collection started airing in the beginning of 2016 gaining cultivation popularity.

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Plot Line

Far eastern regions of the planet survive the destructive shock after the falling of a shining red comet. The "Lingjian" clan the is much more than 200 years old is searching for disciples – they’re trying to find unique youngsters with a determined fate – to save the civilization from calamity provoked by a comet crashing under on earth. They train perfect fighters arising their remarkable abilities. The protagonist the the anime series is Wang Lu. She soul is among a kind and also power like hers is exceptional. She requirements to research to build her skills. The clan is going come teach him moral and mental issues.

The anime adaptation came to be extremely popular among the viewers due to the fact that of the light humor and also unpredictable plot.

The Characters

Wang Lu voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga. He’s the main character here. He’s incredibly smart and intelligent. However, his genius has nothing to execute with his impudence. He has to pass through lots of challenges to combine his soul and also renew his strength and also power. Wang Wu voiced by Yuriko Yamaguchi. Wang Lu’s mentor. Harsh and wicked sometimes, however only this way she deserve to make Wang Lu hear to her and become wiser v every single lesson.

Wang Zhong voiced by Daiki Kobayashi. Has a misleading figure of a girl being a boy in reality. He is Wang Lu’s attendant. Fengyin voiced by Kenichirou Matsuda. The head of "Lingjian" school. Hai Yunfan voiced through Masakazu Nishida. Ideal friend and Wang Lu’s classmate. Wen Yin voiced by Nako Eguchi.

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The series was dubbed both in Chinese and in Japanese, therefore the characters have 2 variants that the first name. For more details get to wiki or other resources. The names gift in this post sound choose this in Chinese.

Release date of the second Season

The fans can stay calm, cause the second component of the franchise is in the procedure of production. The release date is unavailable, but never forget to examine for the updates if you can’t wait because that this anime come continue!