New was commemorating the Washington Redskins" NFC East division championship has rolled right into stores throughout the region.

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after making the playoffs this previous weekend, Modells is selling Washington Redskins’ playoff gear. The team make the playoffs in 2012, when quarterback Robert Griffin III took the team indigenous a 3-6 begin all the way to the postseason. ( Augenstein)

Playoff shirts space for sale at Modells. The Washington Redskins win the Philadelphia Eagles top top Saturday and secured a point out in the NFL Playoffs. You like that? ( Augenstein)
“It’s the an initial time in 3 years, so there’s a lot of excitement here,” said note Siegel, basic manager that the Modells sporting goods store in Pentagon Center. Siegel claims he and his employees have been fielding call calls in the previous 24 hours, after it to be announced playoff merchandise would certainly be yielded Tuesday. ( Augenstein)



WASHINGTON– just how ’bout lock Redskins? together they head turn off to the playoffs, new merchandise commemorating your NFC East department championship has actually rolled into stores transparent the region.

Mark Siegel, a manager in ~ a Modell’s in Arlington, expected shipment of everything from hats to T-shirts and also extra Kirk Cousins jerseys.

“It’s the first time in three years, therefore there’s a the majority of excitement here,” Siegel said.

Siegel said he and his employees have been fielding phone calls in the previous 24 hours, ~ it to be announced playoff merchandise would certainly be delivered.

“It just arrived right here in the last half-hour,” Siegel said, as he and also employees positioned the Redskins gear immediately inside the front door.

The an initial shopper come snap increase merchandise said he operated nearby, and also made time to shop for his playoff garb.

The items on display were worn by the Redskins in the locker room, after their 38-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday.

“The t-shirt is a Nike black, it says ‘The east is top top lock,’ and above it, you’ve got the championship hats, by brand-new Era, the say NFC eastern Champions,” Siegel said.

He said extr Cousins jerseys space on order, and also could arrive any kind of minute, in the next UPS delivery.

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“As among my coworkers says, winning create an excitement in the city,” Siegel said. “If lock win, I might see an ext gear comes in, but hopefully this is the an initial of a lengthy run.”

Redskins champions equipment is also easily accessible from the team’s digital store, and there are 5 Redskins team stores in Virginia and also Maryland.