He looks prefer a bulked-up Weasley, a redheaded boxer that brings good looks and hard punches to the ring. The only thing civilization should worry about is if he has the talent to perform the unthinkable. 

First, you will have to look previous Saul "Canelo" Alvarez"s hair. 

Grantland"s Jay Kaspian Kang and Deadspin"s Eric Nusbaum attempted to do simply that: present the civilization to a boxer that is careful with his interviews and elusive outside his bigger-than-life persona make by his handlers.

Outside his close to perfect record and also his tough punches the one thing that strikes fans is the loud head of hair, and also they hardly ever take the time to relocate past it. 

It renders sense, because a Mexican through red hair color etc the eye, specifically one who chiseled looks make him a pan favorite well external his indigenous country. 

He is Ron Weasley through knock-down strength or Blake Griffin through tremendous head movement. After ~ that, what you gain you will need to extrapolate from struggle tape. 


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As Kang offers, you pretty much have to lead through hair, because the words space scarce. 

For 15 minutes, ns asked Canelo a perform of concerns through a translator. Canelo stared ahead right into space, waiting for his oldest brother to tell a joke, any joke, which the unfailingly found hilarious.

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Between jokes, Canelo ate his eggs, slowly and methodically, among those monster eaters who does not deteriorate his attitude while in ~ the table so that every fork"s journey from the plate come the mouth has to be enforcement with specific precision.

A boxer that is therefore entertaining for his willingness to mix it increase in the ring rarely offers anything external of it, a stark comparison to Floyd Mayweather Jr. That is much more than happy come speak his mind up until the bell rings. 

The most telling component of a an excellent column could be the excerpt that follows. 

Getting nowhere, I simply tossed the end the questions I never ever expected to gain answered. "Canelo, just how much of your success carry out you attribute to Televisa? exactly how do friend respond come the ongoing criticism below in Mexico that you space a media creation, a TV idol?"

His eyes narrowed and he lastly looked far from his brothers, return not straight at me. Instead, he resolved his stare on a spot on the ground and also muttered his answer come the translator.

"What to be I an alleged to do?" the translator relayed. "A fighter needs to be top top television, right? How have the right to I struggle on television without being on television?"

With pay-per-view buys ~ above the line, boxing has become much more about what girlfriend offer once you action on the other side that the rope. 

Kang price quotes beloved boxer Julio Cesar Chavez, that touched upon that very thing, via Boxing Scene. "I think Canelo has the talent, the skills, the power, and he is on his means up, but i truly believe — and I always say things the means I think — is the at the minute you males at Televisa have produced a monster by method of publicity."

Nusbaum, in his piece for Deadspin, spoke v Alvarez"s brothers Rigo who was at first shocked to realize how talented his brothers was at a young age. 

I didn"t have the little idea that concealed under the red hair there was an massive talent.

We put on the gloves, started to box, and when I began to see just how he safeguarded himself, how he relocated his hands, his eyes, the method he started to litter punches with that courage, ns swear it surprised me. And I said, "God, ns think this is a gift you"ve provided to ours family.

He is stout and methodical to a suggest that some might contact him plodding. He could not madness dance around the ring, and also can"t dance a lick, according to Kang, but there is a reason he is garnering such attention. 

Try together he might, Nusbaum to be rebuffed once he asked for an interview through the 23-year-old boxer. As he writes, do the efforts to find some fact in the male behind the myth is pointless at this point.

The outward-facing Canelo is no a personality so much as a sum of his marketing; he exist in flesh and blood, however to most people in Mexico that is a personality on television and in tabloids, a ship for collective pride and anxiety.

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For the moment, fans flock to las Vegas because that the recent boxer who guarantees to bring down a star who remains undefeated. 

Even his victories give some pause. Take his five-round TKO ~ above Josesito Lopez last September—a seemingly woozy Lopez to be still may be to affix on solid punches in the fifth and also deciding round. 

Where Mayweather is elusive in the ring and obtainable to everyone through a microphone outside, Alvarez is the polar opposite.

Still, also Alvarez"s evident faults make his fights so captivating. If Mayweather fans marvel in ~ 12 rounds of the boxer out-pointing his opponents, Alvarez faithful wonder in ~ the offensive prowess that a vicious puncher who delivers the entertainment when it matters. 

But isn"t that all the sport has become, hyping boxers right into caricatures end their actual counterparts? Mayweather has actually transformed himself into a polarizing number who demands PPV buys from people who love to view him victory or would love to view him fall. 

For Alvarez, the sentiment is similar. Rather of money and boastful smack talk, it starts through the hair and also ends through his elusive interviews, garnering a mystery reporters and also fans would love to crack. 

We come ago to that red hair, something for this reason trivial in the grand system of things, yet it rests comfortably alongside the myriad antics Mayweather offers. 

Many will plunk down sizable chunks that cash to watch these two fight ~ above Saturday. Because that a great portion of the audience, it won"t be because of Alvarez"s success in ~ landing punches—something Compubox states he is the many proficient in ~ (42 percent total Connect)—nor will certainly it be around strategy or talent. 

It"s around what is gift sold. 

For the moment, we have actually the loudmouth matches the bright red hair. That will certainly be sufficient to get them through the doors, i beg your pardon is all that matters anymore in this sport.