The around the world renowned Red Bull wait Race human being Championship is an breakthrough aerial an obstacle that is unlike any other. This year 14 pilots will certainly be completing in eight different aerial races around the globe. They will follow a racetrack in the sky, and the winner with the many points at the finish becomes the Red Bull air Race human being Champion. 

For the an initial time due to the fact that 2009, mountain Diego will be hosting one of the legs of the race. At the last gyeongju in 2009, end 50,000 participants inside wall the bay. Plan ahead for downtown traffic and also an Uber or Lyft to drop you off to see the fantastic aerial display.

The qualifying race begins at 11:30AM top top Saturday, April 15th and concludes at 6PM top top Sunday, April 16th. Grab a happen to check out the present from the official hosting spot, the Embarcadero Marina Park. Children and adult ticket are easily accessible for purchase, with a discount for all energetic duty and Reserve armed forces personnel. 

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By Morio (Own work) , via Wikimedia Commons

Looking for various other places roughly the bay to clock the air Race? free areas around the Midway and Seaport village are intended to fill v spectators. Girlfriend can also travel throughout the bay come Coronado. The Ferry Landing area should carry out a good view as well. Number of hotels in the area, particularly the tall ones, will provide optimal viewing as well. Said hotels incorporate Omni Hotel, Hard Rock, Manchester cool Hyatt, Pendry Hotel, Hilton san Diego Bayfront, and the Marriott Marquis mountain Diego Marina.

At the Marriott in particular, they’ll it is in throwing one Air gyeongju Watch Party top top April 15 and 16. Festivities run from 11-5pm top top their famed Coronado Terrace, promise amazing views that the waiting Race. This party is open up to those 21 and also over. Because that $65 every day, enjoy premiere city hall of the race, live music & games and an outstanding Baja-inspired BBQ spread out from award-winning chief Aron Schwartz.

Race Rules

Pilots must have actually their Master class Super patent to compete. In order for brand-new pilots come qualify for the gyeongju they must have received achievements in other international flying competitions. Red Bull racers have actually made their method to the championship with their participation in a compete qualifying camp.

A Challenger Cup competition occurs at the exact same time together the human being Championships, developing an possibility for those in a lower flying ranking to have the ability to compete for a chance to win a second prize. Challengers will have two cost-free practice sessions before race day, and will paris a minimum of four races out of the eight complete races offered. Height scores will be added together, and also the champion announced in ~ the final race.


The airplane that are flying in this world-wide competition are few of the most lightweight inventions in aviation technology.

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Edge 540: Zivko Aeronautics, USAMXS-RExtra 330LX

The 2017 Schedule:

February 10th – 11th : Abu Dhabi, joined Arab Emirates

April 15th – 16th : san Diego, California

June third – fourth : Chiba, Japan

July first – 2nd : Budapest, Hungary

July 22nd – 23rd : Kazan, Russia

September second – 3rd : Porto, Portugal

September 16th – 17th : Lausitz, Germany

October 14th – 15th : Indianapolis, Indiana

Grab her tickets and participate in this an international competition that’s occurring right in our backyard.