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Today, we had actually the pleasure of watching the classic bipolar version of actual Madrid. In the very first 20 minutes of the match, everything looked so encouraging. Actual players were hungry, motivated and for once converted your chances, so actual was easily 2-0 up.

However, ~ above scoring the 2nd goal real took the foot turn off the gas and also let Dortmund flourished into the game and score two goals. Real\"s lackluster defending and compactness was when again on complete display. In the 2nd half, the game opened up so lot that you could mistake it for a preseason game, together you could see waves and waves the attacks and counter-attacks.

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This is our starting XI because that tonight\"s Champions organization match versus
BVB.#RMUCL | #HalaMadrid

— real Madrid C.F. (
realmadriden) December 6, 2017

Keylor Navas: 7 - Keylor is slowly acquiring up to speed, which is an excellent news, and he was by no way at fault because that either one of the two conceded goals. That made wonderful point-blank save, however Real\"s defenders offered Aubameyang time and room to chip Keylor indigenous the rebound.

Nacho: 6.5 - Nacho was moved roughly the back-line every the time. He started as a right-back, then he was moved to center-back as soon as Varane was taken off, but due to Lucas\" shortcomings as a right-back, Nacho once again presume the right-back duties when Casemiro dropped come center-back position. In ~ every position, Nacho was fairly solid and managed to store Aubameyang\"s runs in check.

Varane: 8 - Varane has been Real\"s finest player the the season and his potential injury is a large blow, together we might see native this game. Real\"s defense with Varane and without is favor a day and night. Varane covers so numerous flaws and constantly bails out his teammates v last second tackles and also interceptions.

Sergio Ramos: 5 - five Sergio. This particular day wasn\"t your day. You were sloppy, uninterested and also slow. Girlfriend were captured out of position so countless times that i couldn\"t save track the it. Usually, you know when to action up and intercept passes, however today friend couldn\"t.

Theo Hernandez: 6.5 - This was among Theo\"s much better games, but it was much from perfect together Pulisic got far better of the on virtually every occasion. However, Theo to be very great going forward and attacking space. Given his strengths, I perform hope that we won\"t check out Theo playing as a winger, due to the fact that it negates most of his strong attributes - strong runs from deep and also overlapping. Overall, it to be encouraging kind performance.

Casemiro: 6.5 - ns wonder if Casemiro ever gets frustrated when he sees his teammates no tracking back. Our compactness has actually been shocking this season and also Casemiro has been can not to revert it. I just wish the he enhanced upon pass to enable free-flowing passing. A most times, he rather keeps it extremely simple (passes back to center-backs) rather of searching for players in in between lines. And also for the record, it\"s additionally something that Marcos Llorente requirements to work on.

Mateo Kovacic - 6.5: Mateo absolutely produced some an excellent moments, however he tho needs much more minutes. That did make a lot of good runs, but he failure to pass the sphere at the ideal moment. In defense, he spanned for Casemiro, as soon as he stepped up, but quite often he didn\"t track ago quick sufficient to assist the defenders.

Isco 6.5: ns was fairly surprised to see Isco begin this meaningless game. It was a good opportunity because that Zidane to offer Isco a bit of a rest while providing much necessary minutes come Ceballos. Well, Isco was once again a an imaginative hub that Real\"s attack and his unintended (or genius?) touch collection up Borja\"s opened goal of the match.

This is Borja Mayoral\"s goal versus BVB. Cristiano did fantastic in making that possible!

— José Villacreses (

Lucas Vazquez 7: Lucas starting spot has actually been greatly criticised through the fans, yet I think it\"s very clear why that start. Real\"s strike generally absence speed and width and with Asensio and also Bale unavailable, just Lucas has these traits, so i make sense to start him. And today, Zidane\"s trust has actually been repaid through a winning goal in the 2nd half.

Ronaldo - 8: In this game, Ronaldo was put on his favorite left wing and also he walk look much better than he does together a striker, yet bare in mind that Dortmund\"s defense is shocking. And Ronaldo casually set a brand-new record in champion League. In Europe, Ronaldo is unstoppable (19 objectives in last 11 games).

6 - Cristiano Ronaldo is the an initial player to ever before score in each of the six gamings of a #UCL group round (nine goals). Infallible.

— OptaJose (

Borja Mayoral - 8: Borja had a an excellent overall game. He moved excellently around and also in the box. He states that he tries to version his game after Benzema, but he certainly has slightly different traits. The is a an excellent box predator and also he knows specifically where to be. He scored his very first of his (surely) many Champions organization goals.

Dani Ceballos - 6.5: Dani Ceballos is wonderful and also it ache me to watch him on sidelines video game after game. I don\"t recognize why Zidane doesn\"t to trust him more. Is he gift cautious? go he want him to it is adapted to a various role? I have no clue, yet this treatment reminds me that Kovacic\"s cases in Zidane\"s first 6-8 months. Kovacic also barely played...

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Marco Asensio - 6.5: I mean a little from Marco when he came on. I believed he would be able to capitalise top top Dortmund\"s leaky defense, yet he was quiet tonight.