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Real Madrid midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo lines up and delivers the winning goal in a 3-2 win over society America the Mexico. Photo: Joe Nuxoll,

Center heat Soccer"s finish coverage contains a picture gallery and video clip of the post-game push conference (part 1 and component 2—note the it is nearly entirely in Spanish, return the very first question in component 2 is in English).

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(San Francisco) The environment was festive in ~ Candlestick Park with support combined for both opponents in an entertaining international friendly between Real Madrid and Club America. In the end the appreciative crowd provided a stand ovation to both sides as the Spanish giants prevailed 3-2.

A an initial half score from genuine Madrid"s Sergio Canales to be answered by two second fifty percent strikes from society America"s Enrique Esqueda and also Vicente Sanchez. No willing to clear up for losing their first friendly that the preseason, real Madrid struck earlier through purposes from gonzalo Higuain and also Cristiano Ronaldo to secure the victory. The Ronaldo goal in the 82nd minute came off a beautifully taken cost-free kick the has come to be the signature end up for the Portuguese international.

For club America, the discouraging result was tempered through the reality that goalkeeper billy Ochoa and the rest of the defense comported themselves reasonably well versus a potent and an imaginative Real Madrid attacking hazard throughout the an initial half, prior to pushing front in the second half to take a how amazing 2-1 lead. Losing on the Ronaldo free kick late in the game had to hurt, but in no way did the Mexican society disappoint through their effort.

While missing many that the promised star attractions for real Madrid -- Kaka, Iker Casillas, Xabi Alonso, and Sergio Ramos -- pan favorites Pepe, gonzalo Higuain, and Cristiano Ronaldo did make the midweek expedition to mountain Francisco to get involved in their first preseason friendly of the summer. The complement also significant the debut of new Real Madrid head coach Jose Mourinho, who was victorious in his first match v the well known Spanish club.

After a tentative begin to the match, the first far-ranging Ronaldo sighting of the evening come in the eighth minute, together the actual Madrid talisman check an audacious shot from well exterior the punish area that forced America goalkeeper Memo Ochoa right into awkward chest-save. Reference the Jabulani? The frequently maligned official human being Cup ball definitely seemed come play into the swerving shot.

Real Madrid ongoing to regulate the run of play together the video game wore on. In the 17th minute a exorbitant give-and-go ~ above the appropriate wing in between Pedro Leon and Canales caused a through ball to the top of the area that uncovered forward Karim Benzema in stride. His blistering shot was deflected far from hazard by a quite kick save by Memo.

Club America had tiny time to capture their breathe together Madrid was on the press again a minute later. A quite ball delivered to Benzema come the left the goal was expertly propelled toward the byline. With an are running out, he sent a low shot toward goal that required Memo into an additional fine save. Through 20 minute elapsed in the match, it to be clear that real Madrid was the much better team.

Resorting to speed strikes through the center of the field Club America finally discovered some space to carry the ball right into the attack third, together Daniel Montenegro carried the round straight down route one. However, the hulking defender Pepe stepped as much as greet him near the height of the area, and also stopped the in his tracks. Montenegro crumpled to the ground, yet no foul call was forthcoming indigenous referee Jair Marrufo. A yellow card was brandished to a society America teammate for dissent, but he wouldn"t have been surprised by the non-call if he much more closely adhered to MLS.

By the 30th minute it was clear that real Madrid was in control of the game. If not exactly looking fluid in your passing, Madrid overcame possession in the attacking 3rd as lock searched out space to an obstacle Memo. Ronaldo especially, given free reign in the facility of the Madrid attack, anxiously prodded the defense for any passing or shooting lanes. And also then things acquired interesting.

Off a edge kick in the 32nd minute, Benzema finally discovered an opening as that leaped high at the height of the six-yard box and smashed a header off the crossbar. Much less than a minute later, Benzema had a second chance to score together he was on the receiving end of a beautiful overcome at the far article courtesy of Pedro Leon. Rather of burying the header, he in which method conspired to slip over and also the sphere harmlessly deflected turn off of him because that a goal kick.

Real Madrid would certainly not have to wait much longer to discover the earlier of the net as a beautiful sequence of passes in the 34th minute brought about the opened goal of the game. Finding the sphere at the top of the area, Ronaldo deftly touched the ball forward come a full-speed Benzema converging on the left post. Rather of taking the shot, he one-touched the round back across the six-yard box to an there was no sign Canales, who calmly slotted the ball right into the net for the 1-0 lead.

Instead the seizing the momentum from the goal, genuine Madrid slowed points down end the remainder of the first half. Apparently already in midseason Jose Mourinho form, the team played as if they would be contents to leave Candlestick v a 1-0 victory. The just danger to the scoreline was a 45th minute header indigenous Ronaldo that required Memo right into a comfortable diving capture save.

Following a somewhat disjointed very first half, the second fifty percent started much an ext sharply, together Club America started to also the possession disparity with real Madrid. The activity also spread from finish to end, as both teams offered their rate to operation the ball straight at goal. New legs for the Mexico City club in the midfield come via Miguel Layun and Antonio Lopez, and they easily forced real Madrid to much better settle their ago four.

In the 53rd minute, club America uncovered just reward because that their efforts with a spectacular effort to even the score. A lengthy ball indigenous the left side from defender Adolfo Rosinei was met in stride through Esqueda simply inside the penalty area. Without acquisition a touch, he rifled the ball low and to the far short article to to win goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek and also restore parity to the scoreboard.

Surprisingly, the Ronaldo led real Madrid assault continued to fizzle and Club America appeared to guideline the game in your favor. Capitalizing top top a protective miscue, help man Rosinei notched his 2nd of the night with an intercepted pass and go to Vicente Sanchez. The young forward take it a pretty touch and cleared up the ball at the far article for the shock 2-1 lead in the 61st minute.

Perhaps rolling in the dispute was the catalyst genuine Madrid required to step up their game in the 2nd half. Pressuring the society America defense indigenous the restart, Ronaldo and firm did not take lengthy to find the equalizer. In the 63rd minute, second half substitute angel Di Maria found room at the optimal of the area to feed Ronaldo. He instantly sent a well-weighted diagonal ball through the area come the feet the substitute gunzo Higuain. The Argentine human being Cup goal scoring standout ongoing his prolific methods by blasting the ball previous the substitute club America goalkeeper Armando Navarrete.

The same mix for real Madrid nearly revived the command in the 70th minute as part clever footwork from Ronaldo found him with plenty of space to put the sphere off come Higuain for the 18-yard shot from the height of the area. Unfortunately, the shot was somewhat scuffed and also the sphere was safely scooped up by the ‘keeper.

In the 73rd minute, a according to gasp native the crowd resulted indigenous a dramatic volley attempt off a edge kick from society America"s Esqueda that soared end the crossbar. The shot to be a an excellent reminder the the Mexico City club was not done because that the evening.

Real Madrid showed up to take it the command in the 80th minute when Ronaldo again linked with Higuain because that a well taken goal into the roof that the net. Instead, v offside dubbed on the play, the score stayed tied.

In the 82nd minute, a foul cursed by society America in ~ the top of their area collection up genuine Madrid with a cost-free kick. To no one"s surprise in the stadium, up stepped Ronaldo to take it the 22-yard effort from just right of the arc. Through a trademark sigh and shoulders dropped, Ronaldo stepped approximately the ball and finally perfect the expected finish to his notorious Nike people Cup commercial. He "wrote the future" with a well-placed shoot up and over the wall surface and past the helpless ‘keeper to give the Spanish society a 3-2 lead.

Both teams started to empty their bench in the 85th minute, had the leave of Ronaldo to a thunderous applause from the appreciative crowd. And also after one uneventful five minutes, the last whistle blew to close the end the match.

• • •

Real Madrid (Spain) vs. Club America (Mexico)August 4, 2010 -- shall ParkAttendance: 47,338

Scoring Summary: RM -- Sergio Canales (Karim Benzema) 34; CA -- Enrique Esqueda (Adolfo Rosinei) 53; CA -- Vicente Sanchez (Adolfo Rosinei) 61; RM -- gonzalo Higuain (Cristiano Ronaldo) 63; RM -- Cristiano Ronaldo 82.

Misconduct Summary: CA -- Mosqera Aquivaldo (caution) 21; CA -- Joaquin Martinez (caution) 81; RM -- ezequiell Garay (caution) 85.

Real Madrid -- Jerzy Dudek (Adan 46), Juan Fran, Pepe, ezequiel Garay, Marcelo, Fernando Gago, Pedro Leon, Lassana Diarra, Sergio Canales, Cristiano Ronaldo (Alex 85), Karim Benzema. Added substitutes -- Mahamadou Diarra 46, angel Di Maria 46, gonzalo Higuain 46, Royston Drenthe 46, Esteban Granero 46, Marcos Tebar 69, Morales 85.

Statistics: Shots: 19; Saves: 1; Fouls: 12; Offside: 1; Corners: 6.

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Club America -- guillermo Ochoa (Armando Navarrete 46), Armando Sanchez, Oscar Rojas, Mosqera Aquivaldo, Adolfo Rosinei, Daniel Montenegro, Enrique Esqueda, Pavel Pardo, Matias Vuoso, Vicente Sanchez, Israel Martinez. Extr substitutes -- Alonso Sandoval 46, Miguel Layun 46, Antonio Lopez 46, Trevino Patricio 60, Joaquin Martinez 87, Daniel Marquez 87.