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Tonight ~ above Bravo The real Housewives that Beverly Hills airs v an all brand-new Tuesday, march 1, season 6 illustration 14 called, “Not straightforward to Love,” and also we have your recap below. On tonight’s illustration Yolanda Hadid hosts a dinner party attend by a music guest; Eileen Davidson is upset since Lisa Rinna won’t come clean about her feelings.

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On the critical episode, the women worked up a sweat in a spin class to raise money because that charity and follow increase the workout v a lunch complete of allegations. Yolanda dubbed out Kyle because that gossiping at the table, then confronted Lisa Vanderpump for questioning she children’s health. Kathryn went to Erika in ~ her house in an effort to gain her trust prior to heading to Lisa Vanderpump’s to expose what Erika said about her. Go you clock the last episode? If friend missed that we have actually a full and also detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s illustration per the Bravo synopsis “Yolanda master a dinner party attend by a music guest; Eileen is upset due to the fact that Lisa Rinna won’t come clean around her feelings; Erika is leery that Kathryn who betrayed a confidence come Lisa Vanderpump; Kyle and Kim come challenge to challenge after ripe months.”

Tonight’s episode is going to it is in filled with much more crazy housewife drama the you won’t want to miss, therefore be certain to tune in for our live coverage that the present tonight at 9 afternoon EST! While friend wait for our recap struggle the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new season that The genuine Housewives the Beverly Hills! exactly how do friend think this sixth season is going come play out?

Tonight’s episode starts now – refreshing Page regularly to obtain the most current updates!

This mainly on The genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa R prepares for she daughter to have actually her tonsils removed since she is constantly sick and getting colds. The Dr. Who will it is in performing the surgical treatment calls Lisa come check and also see if they are ready. Lisa asks if lock still cut the tonsils out and also her daughters both watch grossed out. The Dr. Speak her the they do cut and burn the tonsils. He additionally tells her the “We can display you the tonsils ~ they have actually been removed. Lisa is excited and also says that she think she may want to see that.

Yolanda and also her husband David are preparing for your dinner party in ~ Wally’s. David is functioning on an plan of Ave Maria for Yolanda to sing at the party and they space excited around their one-of-a-kind surprise guest.

Lisa V and also Kyle fulfill up to discuss the events of the past week and Lisa tells Kyle the that she will try to placed the argument with Yolanda she will certainly make an initiative to save the tranquility with her when they walk to the party. Kyle additionally talks to Lisa around her partnership with she sister Kim. She speak Lisa that “Our relationship is much better and we text ago and forth periodically now.”

At Yolanda’s dinner party the table is ripe with tension. Eileen claims that “She and also Lisa V did not end on a great note, however in usual fashion they will pretend like nothing happened.” Ericka is thrilled to accomplish Harry Hamlin. Ericka is upset the Lisa V and Kyle confront her about a comment the Ericka made come Yolanda. Ericka gets defensive and tells Lisa the she “feels prefer Lisa is trying to discredit she friendship with Yolanda.” Lisa V is upset and decides come break turn off the conversation v Ericka.

Katheryn and also Ericka room talking about the confrontation the Ericka had with Lisa. Ericka is upset that Katheryn went earlier and said the various other ladies what she said around getting caught up in Lisa V’s web. Katheryn tells her that “If you to speak it to me you deserve to expect that ns am going come go earlier and phone call the other women.” Ericka tells her “Yes I recognize that now.” and walks away from her. Ericka is really hurt through Katheryn’s betrayal since she believed they were friends.

As the party walk on Lisa R confronts Eileen and asks her why she is mad. Eileen speak her the she is no mad at her, yet she speak her that she knows just how manipulative Lisa V deserve to be. Lisa R says that she feels conflicted since of her bond with Eileen and the truth that she likes Lisa V.

David tells everyone that he has a surprised for them and introduces Andre Botticelli come come and also preform. Kyle it s okay emotional since her mother told her that she would provide her a sign once she wanted her to do something. Kyle felt that Andre to sing her mother’s favorite song was a authorize that she required to go check on she sister.

On the work of Amelia’s surgical procedure Lisa R is very nervous. She calls Harry and also tells him the she has actually just gotten in surgery and she is worrying. Bother tells she to call him earlier when the is over. Lisa paced till the Dr. Came out and also told her the the surgical treatment was done and also successful. Just then to be she may be to breathe a sigh the relief.

Kyle is hanging out through her daughters making dinner. Once they sit down to dinner Bambi, the dog, tries come eat food turn off the table. Kyle talks to Mauricio around her partnership with her sister Kim. She speak him that Kim looked great interacting with her children and also having a great time. Kyle additionally talks about going to Ireland to check out her mother’s irish roots. Mauricio says that “I would love to go to Ireland.”

Yolanda meets Ericka and also Eileen to cave out. Lock talk about the party from the night before. Eileen tells them the the party to be a little weird, however she still had a an excellent time. They also talk about the incident in between Katheryn and also Ericka and Yolanda says “If you confide in one more woman the woman must keep it come herself, so i think Katheryn has shed some bridges.”

Lisa meets up through Yolanda’s ex Mohammed to find a house for Harry. Lisa V is worried the her friendship with Mohammed is influence her capacity to it is in friends through Yolanda. Lisa V says that if she had to decide whereby her loyalties lie they would lie v Mohammed.

Eileen, Yolanda and also Ericka proceed to talk about the case with Lisa V. Eileen states “Lisa R’s reaction to the comment about Lisa V gift manipulative and thinking she have the right to control human being was end the top.” Ericka tells them the she thinks Lisa likes reasoning she have the right to manipulate and control people. She likewise says the Lisa “likes come think that herself together the puppet master.” Eileen states “People shouldn’t underestimate Ericka since she is smarter than people give her credit transaction for.”

Katheryn meets up v her sisters Anne and also Debbie to have actually lunch. Katheryn claims that her mom has at an early stage onset Dementia. The sisters space talking about her illness and also how they try to keep her top top track. The women problem that they don’t check out their mom enough and also that she is too isolated.

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Kim shows up in ~ Kyle’s house and Kyle is a little standoffish because of the strain between them. Kim states that she is “Stronger and also in a healthier place.” lock talk about former housewife Brandy and also Kim claims that: she it s okay stuck in between letting it go and also wanting to speak it through.” Kyle says that “We need to talk the through and also work v the issues without the interference of others.” Kim speak her that the times that they don’t talk room really hard. Kyle cries as she tells she sister “ ns feel favor you hate me and also I have actually some feeling of resentment also for the periods that lock don’t talk.” Kim tells she “I don’t dislike you. I love you and we require to change the sample of no talking for lengthy periods that time.” Kyle blames the bulk of their issues on Kim’s sobriety. The two of them hug and agree to shot and job-related on their issues.