The rapper attacks his ex Kim in the track released ~ Kanye to be hospitalised because that psychiatric evaluation

RAY J has waded into Kanye West's drama through a track slamming the rapper's mam Kim Kardashian.

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The rapper - who sex tape with Kim pushed her and the rest of her family to truth superstardom - still seems a little bitter, and is letting that all out in a brand-new song ~ Kanye was hospitalised because that psychiatric evaluation.


beam J's brand-new diss track dropped together news the Kanye's hospitalisation brokeCredit: Getty pictures - WireImage

\"She f*** me for fame, look at in her eyes, she was the very first one to authorize on the line,\" he raps in the final verse the the song which is a urbanbreathnyc.comllaboration with Chris Brown in an answer to Kanye's hit bizarre video clip for solitary Famous.

\"She to be the genuine one to plan it every out. Look in ~ the family, castle walk about proud, all due to the fact that she had actually my d*** in she mouth.\"

The rapper, who is singer Brandy's brother, also mentions Famous, saying: \"Wanna have actually me in bed while girlfriend f***ing your spouse, reflects that you still a rat and also your male Mickey Mouse.\"

Delivering one more blow, the mocks Kim's Paris rob ordeal through the line: \"Gotta remain strapped once you walk about now.\"

beam J date Kim for three and a half years prior to the pair make their infamous sex tapeCredit: Getty images - FilmMagic

Ray J formerly urbanbreathnyc.comnfirmed he would certainly be responding come Kanye's song, telling Billboard: \"You can't error me and also Chris for responding to every the points that have actually been done around us end the last couple of months.\"

It urbanbreathnyc.commes after ~ Kanye was hospitalised for psychiatric evaluation.


Kim has actually reportedly flown come LA come be through Kanye after ~ he to be admitted come hospitalCredit: Getty Images

Kanye's hospitalisation come after he cancelled the continuing to be 21 dates of his Saint Pablo tour and launched a verbal assault on Jay Z and Beyoncé if on stage in Sacramento.

Police comment to a call around a “disturbance” roughly 1:20pm Pacific Time (9.20pm GMT) in ~ the house of his trainer Harley Pasternak.



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Breaking suggest

Kanye’s meltdowns that resulted in hospital visit… and also the 2002 near-fatal automobile crash the may have sparked the bear of 'Yeezus'
When they come the event was then considered to be a “medical emergency”.

NBC reports that Kanye to be then taken to UCLA Medical facility in the city “for his own health and safety”.

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Kim has due to the fact that cancelled plans to to visit a charity event in new York and reportedly jetted come Los Angeles to it is in by she husband's side.