The Brief: TikTok"s placed It on Em, marry Me tendency is significant by creators throw up your ring finger before dancing ~ above a green screened photo of their fictitious fiancé, normally a celebrity or well-known TikToker.

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The put It ~ above Em, marry Me tendency on TikTok consists of creators to dance for their fictitious fiancé collection to Rasheeda’s “Marry Me.” TikTokers usage the app’s “Green Screen” effect to project photo of their crush when they organize up your ring finger. Castle then continue throw it earlier on your dream lover.

Lyrics indigenous Rashida’s “Marry Me” featured in tiktok videos:

Boy you recognize you wanna placed a ring on my finger, finger, finger….Put that on him make him wanna get married me (Yeah)Put the on him make him wanna marry me (Yeah)Put that on him make him wanna marry me (Yeah)Put the on him do him- pu- pu- placed it top top him make him

It’s unsure who began the trend, but the audio is linked to creator

who shared a clip from Rasheeda’s music video on June 2. These videos started growing popularity on June 8 with over 35,000 videos linked to the audio and also growing.

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TikTokers space throwing it earlier on cartoon characters, favor Euphoria‘s Jacob Elordi. Popular creator
galacticgyal_ featuring super Why‘s Jack Beanstalk. The video drew over 316,000 views and 101,000 likes.


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