Newly appointed Commissioner Cole Stallard said the Sun-Times that party deposits “work in other locations” to boost recycling and also “shift responsibility to manufacturers ... use plastics that space sustainable.”

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Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Cole Stallard Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times paper’s freshly appointed Streets and also Sanitation commissioner top top Friday adopted the idea of adding a 10-cent deposit come the expense of bottles and cans to alleviate the mountain of plastics and other containers overwhelming landfills.

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“It works in other locations. … that shifts obligation to manufacturers,” Cole Stallard said the Sun-Times.

“You’re putting every one of these various water bottles, pop bottles, detergent, cups, straws . Whereby does the stop? ... That time that these manufacturers using every one of these things ... That fill increase landfills simply work v folks like us and explore various options.”

Stallard fondly recalled the pocket readjust he earned as a son after returning empty glass bottles of Coca-Cola come the grocery keep in his Southeast next neighborhood.

“That was type of an pin money for us. My mother would say, ‘Wash out the pop bottles due to the fact that I don’t desire to have actually ants all over the basement, and also you take it ’em back. I would certainly take ’em ago to the store, acquire my 80 cents and also end increase spending fifty percent of the in the store. It worked all the method around,” the brand-new commissioner said.

Earlier this year, mayor Lori Lightfoot exit a long-awaited report top top’s rubbish stream tailor-made to alleviate the volume of garbage and improve the city’s dismal recycling rates.

The bottle deposit was among 63 strategic recommendations made through the Delta institute aimed in ~ easing the load on taxpayers by reduce landfill costs, minimizing contamination of recyclables, boosting diversion and confronting environmental inequities that have turned the south east Side into a dumping ground.

“Michigan’s bottle Deposit Law, spreading in 1976, established a 10-cent deposit on beverage containers. The deposit is refunded upon returning the north container come a participating retailer because that recycling. End $338 million in refunds were processed in 2019, representing an 88.7 percent refund rate,” the report stated.

The report likewise recommended the take into consideration providing collection of food waste and also other organic waste product for all occupants served through the department of Streets and also Sanitation who opt-in.

Stallard adopted that pointer as well, even though that would call for separate trucks.

In fact, he said the brand-new “micro-collection” mechanism is “on the height of our list,” and also he’s to plan to begin small, using “one to 2 trucks” top top the Southwest Side.

“It’s a pilot program. We desire to see exactly how it goes. How countless residents room actually gonna buy in? We’re gonna really put some initiative into that,” Stallard said.

“It’s other we’re really excited about. It’s simply less going to the landfill. ... I grew up through a landfill. I observed the landfill prosper as a son over ~ above the south-east Side. I gain it.”

Stallard recognized that’s $9.50-a-month garbage collection fee just covers 25% of the city’s collection costs.

But he is not about to recommend the market raise the fees or switch to a volume-based garbage collection fee prior to exploring a hold of other options to rise the city’s dismal, 8% recycling rate.

In 2011, departing Inspector basic Joe Ferguson approximated a volume-based, yearly fee that $100 because that every 96-gallon dare used can generate as lot as $125 million a year. That’s also if the fee motivated a 17% palliation in the lot of family members waste.

“I want to look at every feasible option before we go to the people and ask for an ext money. We’re literally trying every possible thing to obtain this number up, and also we’re gonna perform it prior to we hit human being with an additional dollar,” Stallard said.

“That’s the easy method out. We’re not around the easy way out in this department. Let’s continue to check out what we deserve to do on our end.”

Stallard is a Streets and also Sanitation “lifer” who functioned his way up through the ranks and earned the right to change retired Commissioner man Tully.

With eye season mainly away, Stallard pleaded for patience in advancement when it involves side street snow removal.

He dismissed a pair of proposal made virtually annually to face the perennial problem: alternative side of the street parking and also privatizing side street eye removal.

“I would placed this team up against anybody in the country, in the world for the matter. That’s exactly how confident ns feel about snow,” Stallard said.

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“This is sort of choose the pride of our department. They hit us v a blizzard, you’re acquiring to occupational the next day. The all due to the fact that of this folks behind the wheels,” and he’s not about to take it that duty away native them.