It was mid-August 2017 and the instance on the korean peninsula seemed to shake from bad to worse. Tensions had spiked after north Korea announced the it was occurring plans to send missiles come Guam in an answer to heated public statements native the joined States and the ratification of brand-new sanctions native the united Nations.

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Amidst such news, the One Korea global Campaign issued an announcement that reminded the global community that there space pathways to peace that go can beyond political wrangling. In a follow-up to the 2015 tune “One Dream One Korea,” the respectable 15th release of the song “Korean Dream” engaged “a team of celebrated Korean and international musicians” come expand worldwide awareness of the shared values and vision of one unified Korea.

The One Korea worldwide Campaign origins

The One Korea worldwide Campaign aims to build popular assistance for oriental Unification with the Hallryu (Korean wave) platform, among the most very visible and influential pop culture phenomenon in our civilization today. With millions of fans throughout the globe, Hallryu can work to it is in a dynamic pressure for worldwide peace.


K-pop stars at the 2015 One K Concert in Seoul

Launched together the One K campaign in 2015, it exit two an effective and groundbreaking songs: “One Dream, One Korea” by Kim Hyung-Suk and “One Dream” by Insooni at the very first One K Concert held in the Seoul human being Cup Stadium v over 40,000 attendees.

Alongside the flashing lights, action for Korea United, a vital coalition of over 900 civil culture organizations working through the One Korea an international Campaign, worked to name: coordinates the start of plenty of grassroots educational campaigns to provide more in-depth education on the prominence of reunification based on Korea’s establishing principles and also shared values. If each team is focused on your own specific areas of stamin or interest, the AKU coalition is held in addition to the commitment to develop a country that deserve to manifest the “Korean Dream” come “bring advantage for all humanity.”

The general method of the coalition and campaign matches the strategy laid out in Dr. Moon’s book, Korean Dream: A Vision for a linked Korea, of engaging ‘people power’ to chart a calm path towards a reunified nation, make inroads where diplomacy and also politics cannot.

The One Korea campaign Goes Global

In Korean Dream, Dr. Moon notes that korean reunification have to be led by Koreans but supported through the worldwide community. Building on the successful launch in Korea, the One K project took actions to increase its reach to a broader, English-speaking audience ~ above Aug. 16, 2016 at the worldwide Young leader Assembly’s global Summit in ~ the UN general Assembly Hall, and also the One Korea global Campaign to be officially launched.

That December, the One Korea worldwide Campaign likewise held a press conference to visit by a surprising trio of famous artists, Peabo Bryson and also composers Jimmy Jam and also Terry Lewis, announcing a new song fostering reunification that will make one “impact beyond the charts” like Michael Jackson’s “We room the world.”

In an interview quickly after, the two-time Grammy compensation winning Bryson, singer of Beauty and also the Beast’s ‘Tale as Old together Time’ and Aladdin’s ‘A Whole brand-new World,’ claimed of the track project, “If this walk anyway toward accomplishing , it will still be there is no a doubt the biggest achievement of mine life.” he expressed his problem for humanitarian issues and also said that oriental reunification is about having “hope for humanity”, drawing parallels come the American civil legal rights movement and also Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I have actually a dream’ speech.

Debut in ~ the an international Peace Convention 2017

In at an early stage 2017, promotions for a “One Korea global Peace Concert in Manila” began in earnest with an enticing note of the debut the the brand-new One Korea an international Campaign song.

While primarly appealing to global fans of K-pop and also the oriental Wave through headliner names like Shinee, PSY, B1A4, BTOB, AOA and CNBlue, the promotions likewise highlighted the important cause of oriental reunification as a significant milestone towards global peace through the motto, “One Dream, One Korea, One World.”

At the Concert, Dr. Moon personally called the story of the divided Korean human being to a cheering audience of 15,000 fans and challenged them to it is in the peacemakers that will certainly make Korea one again. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis also came on phase to introduce the an initial debut of your long-awaited campaign song that would conclude the evening’s performances with all the artists with each other on phase .

Even if the 30-plus top oriental stars performed their most famous hits, the cool finale was without doubt the unveiling the the long-awaited “Korean Dream”. Many fans could be viewed shedding tears and shouting for joy as your favorite stars join Jimmy Jam and also Terry Lewis on stage.

One dream, one Korea, one world! #OneKConcertinManila

— s a n d r a (
fadedspiral) march 2, 2017

Release that the oriental Dream song

After the Concert, star-struck pan eagerly uploaded their recordings that the newest One K worldwide Campaign songs on the internet, just to find, to your disappointment, that the enthusiasm cheers indigenous the crowd had actually had drowned out the audio the the much-anticipated song. As soon as would the song be released to the public?

The One K campaign chose the job commemorating Korea’s Independence, august 15th, to organize a showcase the the new song, “Korean Dream,” at the Ilchi arts Hall in Gangnam, Seoul.

Famed Korean-Australian singer Dami Im, Jung Dong-ha and Voisper performed the track live, this time in a quieter venue where the lyrics and also full result of the vocals might be heard clearly.

Shortly ~ the event concluded the tune was released for acquisition on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and also other platforms.

Following this, numerous of the featured singers exit promotional videos giving a short personal invitation to purchase the song and promote the recurring campaign.

On Sept. 1st, the complete music video was released on the One K Campaign’s Youtube channel, special close-up shots of each artist and flashback scenes from all of the One K Campaign’s tasks leading up to that point, including a solemn visit through Jimmy Jam and also Terry Lewis to the DMZ.

Fans and also stars alike, who had been wait months for the song’s release, were enthused.


(Youtube comments on the oriental Dream tune music video)

Lyrics to relocate nations

The “Korean Dream” lyrics express the quiet unfulfilled hope for a combined Korea and the potential of together a new country to bright as an instance of peace. As Dr. Moon has actually poignantly provided in the korean Dream book, in order to see past seemingly insurmountable differences, division and conflict, a conversation is necessary to recognize a typical platform ~ above which Koreans in the North and also South have the right to rise up and also claim as their shared identity. This is precisely what the oriental Dream lyrics allude to:

Scars that separationisolation indigenous our household but it can’t erase 5000 year of love & legacy the root our destiny grow from

Strength in unified the korean dream A vision we will certainly serve the human being as one Korea one Korea

Hand in hand there is no fearspreading love that will certainly heal usshine our light so all deserve to see thetransformation the unification

For the advantage of all humanity create a beautiful world that’s made for you and mewhere us all live in peace

The “universal dream” to “serve the civilization as one family” describes Korea’s historic 5,000-year-old ethic the “Hongik Ingan” or “living for the benefit of humanity.” This dream encompasses the entirety of North and South Korea, and can it is in the communication upon i beg your pardon to build a new, linked Korea “where us all live in peace”.

The song’s leg enlists the merged Korea in a new mission – to “join hands and also heal the world” together “citizens of oh my god creation.” This evokes the dream that Mr. Bryson, who envisioned writing lyrics that would certainly invoke the soul of boy name Luther King jr “I have actually a Dream” speech, which similarly called for the dignity and freedom of “all of god’s children,” going past the trending local worry to include a broader, universal cause.

A Unifying Vision to offer the World

The design template of korean reunification is not a brand-new one. Koreans have constantly been – for the most part – aware of the right of reunification since they recognize that they space literally 2 halves the one oriental family.

Yet when it comes to the problem of unification itself, there has always the temptation come make oriental reunification around military, politics or economic power, with winners top top one side and also losers on the other. This comes from the faulty id that marriage is around political, military and also economic matters and the human being should not worry about things “above their pay grade.”

It has always been part of the Korean identity that theirs was an aspiration to be a people that deserve to serve every humanity. When this vision can be ingrained in the minds and hearts that the people, it provides all the political, economic and military facets of the separated peninsula as mere details to be functioned out.

There is some insight that long-time interfaith peace-builders have the right to offer native their suffer of working to settle identity-based conflict. James Patton, president of the International facility for Religion and also Diplomacy, common in an interview through the global Peace foundation that successful peacebuilding efforts between disparate groups most frequently take source in the realm of values. “If I identify in you something that i value… the relationships start to deepen; and it comes far from the doctrinal differences.”

Korean Reunification as a Stepping-stone towards an international Peace

The work of the worldwide Peace structure and action for Korea United have actually spearheaded methods for Koreans, both indigenous the North and also South, to put into practice the shared historic vision of Hongik Ingan, or, “living because that the benefit of humanity”. That is in these mutual experiences of company both to each other and also to the civilization that the Korean human being can begin to see past all the narratives of division and difference–and climate to work-related together towards unification.

Hongik Ingan is a vision not simply for the oriental people, yet that watch outward past the nation for the inspiration and the good of every humanity. In Hongik Ingan, Asians can find a principle the supports human being rights and also freedoms and comes from an ancient civilization at the an extremely heart that Asia.

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In an editorial for the India-based Sunday Guardian, Dr. Moon writes, “a Korea unified on the foundation of that own old principles will ultimately leave behind its early american past and also bring come an end the last remnant that the Cold battle in Asia.” Dr. Moon walk on to define a “new asian peace dynamic” complimentary from any colonial legacy that will certainly naturally expand to the human being through the ethic the “broadly services humanity.”

The One Korea an international Campaign aspires to serve as this kind of catalyst to awaken the korean people, Asia and all the civilization to acknowledge that we have actually the power and responsibility to change the civilization into that of which us dream.

This will certainly remain among my proudest moment in music, to it is in a small part of a worldwide humanitarian initiative for peace