An infinite sheet of charge is located in the y-z plane at x = 0and has uniform charge denisity σ1 = 0.56μC/m2. Another infinite sheet of charge with uniformcharge density σ2 = -0.41 μC/m2 is located atx = c = 27 cm.. An uncharged infinite conducting slab is placedhalfway in between these sheets ( i.e., between x = 11.5 cm and x =15.5 cm).


What is Ex(P), the x-component of the electric fieldat point P, located at (x,y) = (5.75 cm, 0)?



What is σa, the charge density on the surface of theconducting slab at x = 11.5 cm?



What is V(R) - V(P), the potentital difference between point Pand point R, located at (x,y) = (5.75 cm, -15.5 cm)?



What is V(S) - V(P), the potentital difference between point Pand point S, located at (x,y) = (21.25 cm, -15.5 cm)?



What is Ex(T), the x-component of the electric fieldat point T, located at (x,y) = (32.75 cm, -15.5 cm)?


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σ P 2 T J 2 S. R. 2
Feb 16 2021 01:51 PM

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Sayed A answered on February 18, 2021
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1.) Ex(P), the x-component of the electric field at point P is = 0.09× 10^6 N/C2.) The charge density on the surface...
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