Find tickets to Pittsburgh Penguins at san Jose Sharks top top Saturday January 15 2022 at 7:30 pm at SAP center in mountain Jose, CA


The Penguins and also Sharks room an amazing NHL matchup and also one the those games you’ll want to check out live. The an epos showdown every time these two teams go head-to-head on the ice.

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just how much space Penguins vs. Sharks tickets?

Penguins vs. Sharks ticket price on the an additional market deserve to vary depending upon a variety of factors. Typically, Penguins vs. Sharks tickets can be discovered for as low together $29.00, with an mean price of $80.00.

Where execute Penguins vs. Sharks play?

Those interested in recording a Penguins vs. Sharks video game should be excited regardless of whereby the video game takes place, together both teams play in ~ energetic venues that emphasis on pan experience. The Penguins home games are play at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA, while the Sharks home games are played at SAP facility in san Jose, CA.

once do the Penguins vs. Sharks play versus each various other this season?

To watch all regular and postseason matchups between between Penguins and also Sharks, browser the event listings above.

execute I must print my Penguins vs. Sharks tickets?

Print-at-home tickets room no much longer an alternative for NHL games. Both the Pittsburgh Penguins and also the mountain Jose Sharks space using mobile ticket entry to all games.

For every Penguins games, fans can browse the Pittsburgh Penguins tickets page. Because that a finish list the Sharks games, visit our san Jose Sharks ticket page. If you’re searching for something rather to do in the area, browser our various other sporting events in Pittsburgh and sporting events in san Jose.

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