Can anyone describe to me what the phrase "Nine piece of Eight" means? I know that it took 9 pirate lords to bind Calypso, and the movie also shows the 9 pieces. However, what is this statement? What does that mean? Why is this important?



It’s a Spanish silver- coin precious 8 Spanish reales. Therefore the 9 pirates would break the coin (worth 8) right into 9 pieces. One item of the coin because that each the the 9 pirates. So basically 9 piece of a coin precious 8 that it’s face value.

In the movie, the crew/swabbies to be confused because it no a coin, instead it to be items or junk. It is explained when they collect the pieces, the plan was to usage 9 pieces of 8 (silver coin), yet when the Brethren court met castle were, well, broke! so they improvised;

“Nine piece of every little thing we occur to have in our pockets at the time!”

To i m sorry the swabbies answered:

“Oh yes, that sounds really piratey.”

Watch that again you’ll obtain it when he defines it to the crew. They simply never defined that the 9 of 8 was piece of a coin.

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A piece of eight is currency, especially the Spanish dissension which was a piece of silver- worth eight reales.

Spanish silver dollars can be split, scored, into 8 piece to make adjust and once done so every eighth was worth 1 reale, therefore why a Spanish dollar was called a "piece of eight". It seems strange to united state now due to the fact that we no much longer break up our money to make readjust but earlier in the work this was no an unheard the practice.

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