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"What shall We perform Now?" (working title "Backs come the Wall") is a tune by Pink Floyd, written by roger Waters. The was originally intended to be on their 1979 album The Wall, and also appeared in demo version of The Wall, yet was omitted because of the time restraints the the vinyl format. In its place is a much shorter song, title "Empty Spaces", i m sorry segues directly into "Young Lust". This to be a last-minute decision; the album"s sleeve notes still function the song in its monitor listing, and include that is More »

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What shall we use to to fill the north spacesWhere tide of hunger roar?Shall we set out across the sea of facesIn find of more and much more applause?Shall us buy a brand-new guitar?Shall we drive a an ext powerful car?Shall we work-related straight through the night?Shall we acquire into fights?Leave the lights on?Drop bombs?Do tourism of the east?contract diseases?Bury bones?Break up homes?Send flowers by phone?Take come drink?Go come shrinks?Give increase meat?Rarely sleep?Keep human being as pets?Train dogs?Race rats?Fill the attic v cash?Bury treasure?Store increase leisure?But never ever relax at allWith our backs to the wall

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Pink Floyd Pink Floyd to be an English rock band developed in London. They accomplished international acclaim through their progressive and psychedelic music. Much more »

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